Japan (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

Japan (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

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Tokyo, a city of 30 million, is a place where traditions and modern inventions live together. From the Tokyo Tower one can see only skyscrapers, palaces made of concrete and glass, multi-level highway junctions and monorail expresses. But under the neon lights there are still rickshaw runners pulling their carts and geishas walking in their wooden shoes. The ornamented pagodas, the Japanese gardens, the calm Shintoist sanctuaries tell us about the age of shoguns and ninjas. The digital cameras and the swords of the samurais can be found at the same store. In the restaurants one can have sushi, sukiyaki and tempura sitting on a tatami, using chopsticks. We can take a look at the masterpieces of ikebana and origami and the pictures painted on rice paper. The travelers can take a trip to the ancient city of Kyoto, to the giant Buddha of Kamakura, to the warm springs and to the Sacred Mountain, Fujiyama, where the cherry trees are blossoming at the foot of the hills.



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So Beautiful..¡ Love and Peace to everyone from The United States of America.

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My heart wants to go to Japan, but my pocket refuses.

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the Emperor denounced his "god" like status. update your video.

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فيه قصف جبهات في البداية عن الاوربيين والامريكيين ! مع ان اللي يتكلم شكله اوروبي او امريكي
شكله من النوعية اللي تحب تشتم اهلها علنا ، اثر عندنا وعندهم خير من هالنوعيات يابغضي للي اخلاقهم كذا قليلين خاتمه هههه

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waste of my time

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I see some people commenting that this video is like from the 80s. So, can anyone tell me if the street/address thing is still accurate?

briantravelman says:

F this video. The freakin voice over doesn't match what's being shown. Was the editor lazy or did they not get enough footage? This is my second time attempting to watch this, and from reading the comments, I remember why I never finished it. I'm not even gonna waste my time. I expected a better quality video from this channel.

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Bunch of dumb Tumblr weaboos below. Don't scroll down. Just enjoy the video 🙂

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You young commentators are hilarious. You guys don't realize that before the internet, if you wanted to learn about somewhere, you could watch a video like this or get out a freaking atlas.

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This video is fucking trash

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This has to be one of the worst Japan-related videos I've ever seen. It is loaded with orientalism (the bad kind), full of misconceptions about the culture, includes lots of information useless for traveling and at the same time not enough useful information.

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I found this video outdated and ignorant. It is amusing how incorrect this video is

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