James Harrison’s departure from Steelers gets ugly

James Harrison’s departure from Steelers gets ugly

Details of James Harrison’s final season in Pittsburgh are emerging and it could make a meeting between the Steelers and Patriots all the more interesting.



Kevin James says:

James Harrison Patriots now Steelers will lose now burn his Jersey

V.O. Nidas says:

Chris Sims summed up New England PERFECTLY!!

Kymari Conley says:

bud Dupree said the right thing

mike stedman says:

Pulling Tomlin's tail is fun up here in Boston!

Dominique Burton says:

Fuck James Harrison

John Nike says:

He resigned in the offseason cause he thought he would get some playing time but nope steeler did him wrong first so DEAL WITH IT


It is not like he did it on purpose he gaught cut and the patriots picked him up

Tommy Huff says:

As a Steelers fan I'm glad Harrison is on a team where he will get some playing time, and I wish the best for him in New England

Charlamagne _7 says:

🐍 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

Evan Martin says:

This is the most 2017 story of 2017.

William Hanley says:

And what if we did win…. It would of been considered a good call…gutsy call! Tomlins way. … Not cautious, all in or loose. Maybe he needs to contimplate and think about situations a little more.. he's very robust!

William Hanley says:

Cheep move by bill, he knows what this means, it means a dagger to the gut to Pitt fans and another step closer to beating the Steelers again. We wone that game at the end but the warlords had to get paid so they changed it in New England so favor…. Like always… Go Steelers go. Beat the patts.

Just WinBaby says:

Some of the Steelers players sound like a bunch of butt hurt teenagers. Move on Steelers players and fans. The Steelers cut James, which is a business move. James goes to New England, business move, DONE!!!!

Ken Coakley says:

Since the controversial loss the Steelers have become a Soap Opera. When they had the press conferences a couple of days after the fact, the Steelers were throwing the coaching staff under the bus. If Harrison had signed with the Bills or the Jets those guys in the locker room would have kept their mouths shut.

Chimera1591 says:

Steelers' fans think the Patriots and their fans are their arch-nemesis, but Patriots fans don't give a shit about the Steelers or their fans.

Peyton Manning, The Jets, The Bills/Dolphins, and the Ravens are the only teams I've ever concerned myself about.

ALEX cecc says:

…and Harrison will sack Big Ben twice during the AFC championship. .

Giovanni di Capo says:


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