Israel Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

Israel Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

This is a guide to all things Israel. I love this country and everything it has to offer! The food the people the landscapes. So grab some falafel and hummus or maybe a shakshuka, everything will be sababa. Sit back relax and yalla enjoy Israel!

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lihi guttmann says:

if you are going to eilat (very fun i live in isreal) you can swim with dolphins its VERY fun and exciting!

Rachel Serraf says:

Cool vidéo . I'm an educator on birthright ( From Paris ) !! Love your video !!! Good resume 🇮🇱😍

eldo manru says:

I plan to go to Israel. Is there any renting motorcycle there? thanks Sammy from Indonesia


lick my armpit

Kinetic Village says:

Love this over view I only did about 10% of these things when I was in Israel I guess I have to go again.

John Mccabe says:

thanks for your video how hot is it for August time please let me known

MishaX says:

are you an israeli? if yes how come your english accent is so good?

Mariah villa says:

One day I have to go to Jerusalem. God willing.

Christy Colman says:

So, I have a question. How does the phone service work over there? Do they use the same big brands that they do in America or do you have to buy a sim card like you have to in China and other Asian countries? And if you have to buy a sim card, what's the best/cheapest brand? Thx!

PS 4 LIFE says:

איך היה בים ?
אני גר בתל אביב ואין על ישראל
מקווה שנהנית!

swissnor says:

Good vid. Very helpful. But you don't seem to know Roman Catholicism is a Christian denomination. Roman Catholicism is not a septate religion.

גילי מדינה says:

I live in Israel and everything tou said was right😂. Even I wasn't in all the places you were in🤣❤

John Smith says:

Wow! I just booked my flights to Israel for 6 days – I was thinking 6 days was far too long! How foolish was I?! This is such a great, informative video. You've sold Israel to me completely, cannot wait to visit it! Thanks for this great video, I really enjoyed it and it's helped me so much 😊 are credit cards widely accepted in Israel? Where should I be based in Israel for my 6 days there? Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

Alliz Clavijo says:

I really want to go lol be my tour guide, like i want to go but i dont want to go alone lol

Lito Siruno says:

thanks for the very informative video…I'm planning to go to Israel next month and I was wondering if there's internet there to upload my pics or just to Skype…and also if I can charge my phone's/camera without problem, I'm from USA by the way.

Salima Khakoo says:

u need to slow down ur video is great but slow down

Merchant Services says:

awesome video and explanation…thank you.. Todah!

Eunice Santana says:

This is such a great video, i will be traveling there this summer. Thank for that info!

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