Is Skip Bayless Toxic To Sports Media?

Is Skip Bayless Toxic To Sports Media?

Is Skip Bayless’ impact on sports media good or bad? Rick Strom, Denise Jones, & Robert Littal break it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Rick Strom

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The Truth Tellers says:

Jesus, why are you guys always talking about Lebron??

john k says:

you just crying babies.

Roland Campbell says:

Please, if dude was still on espn you sjw's would be balls deep on his junk.

Iamheu Elmondkan says:

This bitch is stupid

pimpin magician of prophecy says:

Funny fact if you look closely you can see the evolution of skintones if you look from right to the left.

pimpin magician of prophecy says:

Jo fuck you bitches. I hope you all get replaced by white bitches. #skipismahomie

TurnUp TheGain says:

Pro sports is modern day slavery!

MagicKirin1 says:

Jemele Hill and Michael Smith is toxic

Theodore Tucker says:

He's right! About HIP HOP, the new rappers in that genre is wack, plain and simple. Kendrick, logic,j. Cole, and maybe 3 more if that are nice.

azu Fly says:

Skip should just fucking Quit

Ur TheDuke says:

Damn! How can someone be so wrong so many times? I thought it was just Lebron. I don't get to watch him much.

Slick DaFlo says:

Skip is delusional, sure. He's so old. But at the same time he has been a fore father in Sports Broadcasting and is the reason platforms like this are as popular as they are. I say let that man sit on that chair and spout nonsense, he's put in his dues now let Shannon snap on him all day

I'm Batman But I'm from Africa says:

Here’s a thang Skieeeeeeeuuuuup


Skip is a legend sports analyst. Fuck the haters, and many of his haters are bronsexuals

Will Strickland says:

Simple answer………………..Absolutely

Raivons R1 says:

Decent hate video

TheCosuji says:

9:15 is that Gambino??

Thomas Carroll says:

It's because Dumb Asses make him relevant. I just move on.

eljireh7987 says:

It's got dang entertainment!!! Skip's funny asf!

David Yaks says:

One thousand percent this man is toxic and biased as a mf

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