Is LeBron James already better than Michael Jordan?

Is LeBron James already better than Michael Jordan?

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Steven Gonzales says:

They don't play good defense anymore in the NBA. The fouls they call now are ridiculous to.

M. Grace says:

He Talking That Shit!

black mamba25 says:

kobe is better than lebron

prezlamen prah says:

I never heard that anyone compare some player with Lebron.. He is top 10 barely says:

why is this dumb ass blonde allowed to talk?


it's funny because all lebron haters are going to like him in 20 years just like Jordan

El Fuego hombre says:

Yeap…M.J. had those bad shooting nights Coward spoke about,but he still found ways to help his team win when it counted. Also…G.P.,or Stockton…didn't guard Jordan without occasional double,or triple team help. My point…Jordan helped elevate his teammates. Lebron helps elevate his teammates as well,but Magic,and Jordan were the best at it. They made marginal teammates look real good.

Cult Snarez says:

Thank you !

Sisyphus says:

Damn, we're acting like we didn't expect this. everybody on the Celtics is like a fucking mismatch to Lebron, they were first round exits last season and they just added Horford. Face it you blatantly blinded Bronsexual, You commit exactly what you criticize for. The east are shit

Mike Leuty says:

straight facts not the 6 ring bull shit the king goat done

Amjbmcg says:

Nothing but facts. Hilarious how hyped Jordan is, I'm not even a LeBron fan, I'm a Jordan hater these days due to how overrated the guy is.

In the 1998 finals he was shooting bricks vs scrubs, playing no defense, not making plays for his teammates (2.3apg ??) and won finals MVP. He faced pure shite.

Wellington Padilla Molina says:

Finally somebody telling the truth.

UnDaGrOunDKrew805 says:

This guy cowherd is a complete dickriding bronsexual both he and nick wright will debate on some of the most outrages topics jus to make it seem like LeBron is better than Jordan when he clearly is not im not here for discussion on that topic… mj has the credibility to be called the greatest of all time LeBron has been tainted in his career twice already and yet we have both these clowns trying sooooo damn hard to make a claim LeBron is the g.o.a.t based on opinions and stats they keep looking for bottom line is mj was a KILLER the complete epitome of a champion who will do anything to win he was born with a clutch gene unlike LeBron who choked up against the mavs and got his ass handed to him by san Antonio by a record margin the whole point of the nba is to win the chip at the end of the season Bill Russell hands down is the greatest winner but mj is the greatest of all time the eras are wayyyy different now LeBron had to leave to Miami to get his rings and left them cuz he had another super team waiting back home mj stayed battled his way through the pistons and EARNED his chip with ONE star who was pippen he then NEVER allowed a game 7 EVER… he's undisputed 6 for 6 for 6 the man was amazing LeBron has already lost if your guna respond to this just know you aint getting a reply this a statement.! I will say LeBron is a great talent clearly the best in the world rn and the first of his kind a top 5 easily no debate on that but greatest of all time.? I don't think so that belongs to the black cat the great Michael Jordan.

Anthony Streat says:

Im wit you DevonSmith. I was addressing the reporters naysayin

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