Ireland Travel Experience: Why I Always Eat Vietnamese Food (IRISH BANH XEO)

Ireland Travel Experience: Why I Always Eat Vietnamese Food (IRISH BANH XEO)

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In this video I explore the Ring of Kerry and meet up with my friends from high school for our own 10 year HS reunion. (Our school never had one). I also explain why I travel to eat and find Vietnamese stories and people.

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About Me: I’m Kyle Le and I used to live, travel, and eat in Vietnam and many Asian countries. I’m passionate about making videos and sharing modern Asia to the world. I’ve traveled everywhere in Vietnam, from Hanoi to Saigon – Far North, Central Highlands, Islands, and Deep Mekong Delta – I’ve visited there. In addition to 15+ countries from Indonesia to Thailand to Singapore, you’ll find all of my food, tourist attractions, and daily life experiences discovering my roots in the motherland on this amazing journey right on this channel. So be sure to subscribe- there’s new videos all the time and connect with me on social media below so you don’t miss any adventures.
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Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
Audio from a Shure VP38F



erica mary says:

Oh, Kyle. I miss Ireland so much! I have been to Ireland three times and really loved it but couldn't find vietnamese food anywhere. Not even in the UK. The food looked great in your video. Thank you X

Khoa Nguyen says:

when was this video shot, Kyle? It's very hot in Texas right now. Nice video, love Janet's smile, alway enjoy your's video. Thank for sharing!

Christopher Anderssen says:

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Hien Duong says:

Sorry Kyle! For all the bad comment that I left u before… I feel hella bad, I respect ur work mang, keep up the good work. I envy u bro..

Olivia E Essona says:

Ireland looks beautiful. Another destination on my list, thanks Kyle!

Randy Holy-Day says:

All the way to Ireland and you didn't kiss the Blarney Stone?! Hey! "I'm only kidding." Nice video.

Laura Paganianoto says:

Again It's so far but still so close!

MarkuSATTO says:

Cold weather and warm hearts

Allison says:

Wow! Looks so beautiful! Back @ it again, Kyle! 🙂

AQUA VIII ' $ says:

The Vietnamese Diaspora !!!

khong nguyen says:

do you get laid there too?

abcabcabdfg says:

If you don't mind me asking, what happened with you and your girlfriend that you showed us a few months back?

jeffhalebopp says:

Thanks! Thumbs up.

Roger Garcia says:

Great video Kyle and love Janet's smile.

Daniel Villa says:

Kyle the type of guy to travel with a girl and not make a move

Eric Gibson says:

That really did happen, those birds are messengers

Tony Nguyen says:

More parkour shots though…

Jupe367 says:

Beautiful scenery, indeed.

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