Interview Movie “The King” [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.12.19]

Interview Movie “The King” [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.12.19]

Interview Movie “The King” Zo Insung, Jung Woosung, Bae Sungwoo, Ryu Junyeol
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Anisa Fitri says:

since he is a rookie, i think that's why jun yeol doesnt talk much

Vita Masli says:

ryu jun yeol was so lucky

渡邉佳子 says:


mylovebigbang says:


Jemy Zahara says:

cha seung won , jo in sung and jung woo sung really look alike for me and they were tall and handsome ♡

Ruby Kim says:

Ryu Jun Yeol barely speak…neomu hae!!!!! please be fair…yeah i know they r toooooo hansome….but don't be so bias!!!!!

Yul Yulk says:

Ryu junyeol deserved better in the movie 🙁

djoa fanny says:

Jun Yeol 🙁
I came here to see him but he didn't talk a lot 🙁

charm g. says:

ryu jeonyeol was so lucky , keep it up. but ive been eyeing with bae sung woo, the charm was overflowing. choi ji woo fighting!

Kawaii Monster says:

Plleaaasse we want too see ryu junyeol oppa in moooviiess Mooree and moorree <3 !!! he is a reallyyyy a gooodd goood actor I love him soo much <3

Kwangsoo Trash 7012 says:

Everyone ignore Junyeol. I'm so mad

eni v. says:

just finish watching..its a great movie ?

Miss Funaiya mensah says:

This movie has bumped into my top three Korean movies. It's just awesome.

Happy Lemon says:

who else saw jun yeol stuck in the chair? lol but that made him more charming..hehe

Life tobelived says:

If you go to see the movie in the U.S. theaters it is a very good movie, well written, acted and soundtrack but be aware it really is basically a R rated movie. There is some graphic disturbing violence, brief sexual scene with a video hologram type character(does not involve any nudity in that part) and some brief real nudity. I just covered my eyes during the graphic violent part and watched the rest which there were parts that were really funny. Sorry but no nudity from main actors.

Ines Kamalo says:

I came here for Ryu Jun Yeol

InLKdream says:

Jo Insung and Jung Woo Sung, where do i look? this was stressful for me

lenamarmen S says:

Why Ryu Jun Yeol is not considered important, and as isolated. Ryu Jun Yeol is an actor and talented. Kharisma a strong, but why show host like don't think the Ryu Jun Yeol. I am extremely disappointed with the interview and the host .

kriesha chu fan says:

in sung is ?

Jeno's Mom says:

Jung woo sung is like the best looking korean celebrity. <333

Endah Anomsari says:

Jung Woo Sung reminds me of Tom Cruise…

Карен marthin says:

this is like the first time i see jo insung's dongsaeng side.cuz hes been a hyung to lots of actors he befriend w .neomu gyeopta

bigbang babo says:

Good looking men with good sense of humour <3

moo fvs says:

Jung woo sung, how can you still handsome after all this time???

No One says:

Can anyone please tell me which variety shows JungWooSung guest in other than infinity and runningman?

Yaoyao Li says:

Jo In Sung and Jung Woo Sung look similar when they smile~~~

jinan kim says:

Ryu jun yeol i love you ❤️

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