Injustice 2 – Introducing Black Manta!

Injustice 2 – Introducing Black Manta!

Incensed over the death of his father at Aquaman’s hands, Black Manta is a powerful, lethal treasure hunter who will let no one stand in the way of victory…especially not the King of Atlantis.

Injustice 2 is now available:



Bebo Mahamed says:

Where is Shazam?

Kashmoney99 says:

There's something so badass about simply walking away.

Nate Adams says:

Sounds like his voice actor from Young Justice is voicing him.

Cyrus Tsang says:

my heart can't handle dis

JonnySuite13 says:

Well, that was impactful.

Ron Burrola says:

Who's the red guy

David Glasco says:

Most under appreciated villain in my opinion.

DMario Isajurk says:


Joe Jacobs says:

I didn't know swamp thing has an air dash

Tim says:

I've always been drawn to his mysterious appearance

Angelo Igonia says:

Black Manta is a baby killer.

Clint says:

He must do a lot of neck work in the gym

Cross Jeniel says:

black mantaaa


Black Manta just didn't kill the camera man, he kill all of NRS in his outro!

TallWartortle says:

behold!!! the only dc character in this DLC in a DC fighting game!

DCboy03 says:


Phil M says:

Black Manta definitely means business

The Devil with the Red Cross says:

The camera man can't get no breaks

Comic Book Basement says:

Wow Black Manta could be a Mortal Kombat Character. Jeez

From The says:

better than inhumans trailer

Alexandru Postolache,Cosmin says:

Best outro.

Jepersprepur says:

Sooo why is it the actual DC YouTube channel is the last to show a gameplay trailer for a DC game

Ben engledow says:

More interested in Hellboy tbh


I want to see the spectre!!!

JG Cyber says:

That outro is just badass
Black Manta Hype!

Sakib Wasif says:

Cooooool guys dont look at explosionss

tringrad50 says:

If they don't add extra dialogue for Aquaman, I'm going to be immensely disappointed.

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