Incredible Views and Food in Kyrgyzstan | Travel Vlog

Incredible Views and Food in Kyrgyzstan  |  Travel Vlog

It was another beautiful day. Some incredible views and food in Kyrgyzstan.

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Today, I’m going to keep the summary short because I’m off on a hike in a minute. But, today was another really good day here in Kyrgyzstan. We got up for a bit of a hike to look into the mountains, and we heading into a village for some traditional Kyrgyz food which was incredible.
I can’t wait to get into the mountains a little bit more.
And, even though I’m not exactly a foodie or a food blogger, experiencing the food in a country is something I really enjoy.
There will be a bit of a gap in the travel vlogs here now because I’m off trekking through this beautiful Kyrgyz landscape.
And, on the treks I’m probably not having that amazing Kyrgyzstan food, but believe me, I’m having fun.

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Joachim Marke says:

i only knew Karakul sheep , but thats elsewhere ( in the other -stans) . This Karakol region seems worth a visit definitely . The drone shot of the horses worth viewing . Thanks for another episode.

Dennis Rodriguez says:

Lagman soup is THE BEST!!!!

Philippe Noth says:

Brendan, showing kittens is cheating! You'll easily make 1 million views with this trick!

Kevin Clements says:

Absolutely stunning and incredible vistas…a hidden gem for sure, I had no idea this place was this good. Should be on every youtube travelers bucket list.

Jannes says:

Lovin the (almost) daily vlogs 🙂

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