IN A MOMENT | Nepal (Travel Film)

IN A MOMENT | Nepal (Travel Film)

Last year I was lucky enough to spend over a month backpacking Nepal, including a three week trek through the Himalayas. I wanted to show the contrast between the sometimes overwhelming chaos in the cities, and the peaceful way of life in the mountains. No video could ever do justice to the beauty of Nepal and its people but hopefully this gives anyone watching a glimpse into this magical country.

Created by Stephen Parker |

Sony A7SII, Sony 35mm Lens

Suspended in Air – PinkZebra (AudioJungle)
Ethnic Afternoon – JHLMusic (Pond5)
Reverie Reprise – Jordan Critz (Music Bed

Additional Sound:



nabin gurung says:

What a cinematic and what a transition!! Loved pure loved !!

Prasim Gurung says:

Amazing work, even only sound makes u fell the travel you have been through.

Kamal Aryal says:

What lanse did you for this Vidoe ?

San Ad says:

I really love your work im from Nepal and can you plz suggest me a Camera. ..?

Mohan Tamang says:

We all Nepalese are appreciate for you that you show the beauty, nature and cultural things about Nepal to the world….. anyway which gimbal or what equipment/stabilizer did you use for shooting, parker??????

Finjo Sherpa says:

very creative and well-edited

atit bartaula says:

Loads of love from NEPAL ❤💛💚💙💜

Rabin Raie says:

Amazing!! Liked it very much. The inhale and exhale when the prayer wheel stops was very cleverly good.
Thank you so much for making the video 🙂

Garima Khakurel says:

This is way beyond perfection!😍

Amit Thapa says:

Sound mixing is just amazing, one of the best videos. Thank you for sharing.

Purushottam Adhikari says:

great work … Truly Amazing. hats off to your work….

Prayash Niraula Tutorials says:

Nice video bro..!! Love from Nepal

Aakrist Shahi says:

From which software you edit the video ?

Simon Weber says:

Finally the wind blow some good YouTube Film towards me – what an amazing combination of people, culture and nature! Love it!

Arick Limbu says:

this video deserve mor views

manik lama says:

Thank u for all of this #Parker

Danish Manandhar says:

Amazing work love the concept

Paw One says:

this is best thing i've ever watched! thanks from the bottom of my heart! 👌👌👌

Dev Grg says:

Superb.. nature,emotion,culture,religious palace,feelings etc all in one video. Award winning video.

kranti subba says:

THIS. IS. BEYOND. AMAZING! As cliched as it may sound, seeing your own country from someone else's point of view actually makes you realize how much of it you take for granted. Also, this video deserves millions of views and likes. Thank you for this beautiful slice of life!!

haku yonzon says:

amazing work thanyou for this video .

zimlu says:

Wow dude that was awesome!

Delightful Nepal says:

Truly amazing……extremely great piece of art !!

Vasil Zhaborovskiy says:

It's beautiful! It's stunning..! You did huge and great work man!

Prabish Devkota says:

from every shot to edits! everything is spot on! best of luck for further projects!

subash tamang says:

head to heart !!!

Subodh Khanal says:

Simply awesome!!

Bibek Parajuli says:

amazing documentary came here after seeing this video posted on reddit… Hats off bro

Bush subba says:

Man that sounds 😍😍 dhanyabad 🙏

wrong notes says:

Stephen, hats off to you.The coolest video so far about Nepal.Thanks for travelling to Nepal.Nicely done

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