I’m a Master of Travel | Travel Vlog

I’m a Master of Travel | Travel Vlog

Last week I was bad at travel, now I’m a master of travel.
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Today was a fantastic day! Ah, what a great day in travel; nay, in life.
The day and the vlog started in Amsterdam. Carina and I decided to go explore Amsterdam in a really touristy way. We jumped on one of the canal river cruises and sailed through the city. It was honestly the best way to spend a morning in Amsterdam. It was so relaxing and the city is beautiful. I really should have done this on my first day in Amsterdam, it would have been a great way to location scout for photography in the city.
After a quick Amsterdam cafe visit, I said goodbye to Carina and made the move towards the airport. It was great getting to spend time with Carina in Amsterdam. She’s such a great person, and I feel really lucky to get to hang with her a bit.
I took the train to the airport, and then headed to my gate. My plane, unfortunately, was about 30 minutes delayed leaving Amsterdam airport. It was going to make things interesting on my connection to Menorca in Barcelona.
By the time we connected to Barcelona, I literally had 10 minutes before my flight was to leave for Menorca. I ran to the gate which must have been over a km away with my 15kg camera bag on my shoulder. Somehow, I managed to get onto the plane before it left. I must have only made it by a minute. I am a master of travel.
It was then a short flight from Barcelona to Menorca. Unfortunately, my bags didn’t make the connection.
Fortunately, Dave was there. It’s always so good to run into my travel family out in the world.
We went for some dinner, and then I called it a night. I’m really looking forward to my days here in Menorca. It does look beautiful.



paul trunfull says:

Have to agree with villegas24, bit more than a bit of chemistry! nice mate.

Tadej Skofic says:

I'm amazed that you have the time to do a video every day , but it's really nice to follow you along the way 🙂

Max Schulze says:

Hey Brendan, Ive just read an article at Buiseness Insider about the so called "Instagram Mafia". A travel photographer talked about the changed algorithm of Instagram and the way money changed the game, showing pictures where collective accounts ask for hundreds of dollars for a future. So the former intention to support creators changed to this "Mafia" which now is completely focussed on money.
Did you noticed these changes and any of those things? Would be interesting to hear about!

Nicolas Gilly says:

close call :/ jeez

opwave79 says:

Aw man, same thing happened to me when I had to race across Hong Kong airport to catch my connecting flight home. Ended up being the last person onboard and drew a lot of stares because I was huffing and puffing like a madman when I got to my seat?

Nicolas Gilly says:

chill vibes 😉

Stan Wangen says:

SO love your Travel Vlog's. What a journey. Thanks for sharing, Brendan! Hi from Sherwood Park, AB.

Martijn Hermans says:

Could you add a 'map' every now and then on travel videos? Would have especially made the Patagonia vlogs more relate-able. Oh and also when you get back to the Netherlands and need a proper camera store, grab metro 51 from Central Station and get out at 'Amsterdam Zuid/WTC', a couple of minutes walk from there is a Kamera Express superstore, I believe they also have one in Rotterdam.

villegas24 says:

I feel some chemistry there :p

CircusGirl44 says:

Great video, Amsterdam looks beautiful!

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