If Kpop entertainment agencies were honest – Part 2

If Kpop entertainment agencies were honest – Part 2

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Hi guys since most of you asked for part 2 of “if kpop entertainment agencies were honest” so here is it !

ps: this is just a funny video where Kpop agencies are making fun of them selves etc don’t take it too seriously or don’t get mad that i didn’t put your fave … if i missed something important … am sorry & please don’t fight !

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anime lover says:

If you make a part 3 include Amuse korea please they only have Cross Gene and they treat them like shit

Moonlight :/ says:

Oh chese my comment was in the beginning thxs! And also why is this so accurate xD

JustWannaFreeFx says:

Jessica Entertainment I'm dying xD

Maja F says:

I feel so bad for all the groups under TS… especially B.A.P… please protect them

Muthia Ulfah says:

I want to see TOP Media and Happy Face Entertainment!!! 😂

noni chan says:

Lol I don't know any of those except 1thek

Caryl Bascon says:

TS' part is so accurate lmao

kyungsoo the last neckbender says:

(tell me what) TO DO TO DO TO DO TO DO TO DO

Hajra Jalil says:

TS Entertainment? More like 'The Satan's Entertainment'

Teo Yi Juan says:

HAHHAHA THIS IS SO TRUE!! but isn't 1thek loen?

Hanzo Urushihara says:

hunus ent is great!!

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