Icelandic Waterfalls and Hot Springs! Travel Iceland vlog! ?

Icelandic Waterfalls and Hot Springs! Travel Iceland vlog! ?

Iceland waterfalls and hot springs in the West Fjords are only accessible with a hired car.

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Desmond Foo says:

foss meant water"fall"? The waterfall is tall and big with loud noise. The weather for the iceland seem good.

connie munoz says:

if only I liked the cold…I never would have put Iceland on my list to visit but for some reason, you two kids make it look so beautiful…what is the temp for the day, cant imagine having daytime all the time….

Killerwhale 6011 says:

Was that water salt or fresh water?

Salvador Perez says:

u look adorable in winter clothes!!i bet homeboy wont leave u alone when the camera is off lol

Cindy Duran says:

is the next video going to have you guys in the hot spring?? also, what's the average summer temp in Iceland?

Cindy Duran says:

is the next video going to have you guys in the hot spring?? also, what's the average summer temp in Iceland?

Omran Omran says:

you are gorgeous

Gus olive says:

Awesome video I thought it was the David Pakman show lol

Özgür Soyukaya says:

What is your job? And you are very beauiful

Moreganplease says:

You guys are really putting Iceland on the map as somewhere I'd like to travel, and I think I would do the camper thing as well. I hope companies keep sponsoring you!!

Luyz Qint says:

Also, it got my attention that besides the ducks at the end of the video, I didn't see any other animals around. Why???

Luyz Qint says:

I am not criticizing, but, I didn't see anything on your video that would be treating by a drone.

Can someone please tell me why drones are ban?.

Marianne Sanchez says:

Oh my gosh, so, so beautiful!!!! Very high!!

Phil Chan says:

My wife and I went in to that hot spring at the end. It was not bad. We were the only ones there tho when we went.

mermaid000pranu says:

I hope you guys found a hot pool later on

Musa Umut Akdeniz Dogan says:

I wish I visit Iceland one day 🙂

Shahbaz Ansir says:

Please fly your drone in every video where you are allowed. That scenery can be captured better only with the drone.

Jodi's Expat Life says:

3:443:48 is this Josh workin it on the runway? ?

MakingMoments says:

Great series so far Josh & Ashley! I can't believe I haven't been to Iceland yet, but I PLAN on it now because of you guys! Take care✌?

Dude Snorlax says:

Awesome video !!

Juan Carlos Alcaraz says:

que bello país.

RaubElch says:

Some amazing shots, really looking foreward to the next one!

Dimitry Putin says:

I love you guys?????

Gayle Arnold says:

Ahh!! First Comment!! Yay! Now I finish watching!

RaubElch says:

Nice, I'm early! 🙂 Now on to the video!

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