I Got My Wallet Stolen In Florence! | Family Travel Vlog

I Got My Wallet Stolen In Florence! | Family Travel Vlog

Maria had her wallet stolen!! Good thing her passport wasn’t in there, and that we still had Morten’s credit cards, so it’s not the worst thing that could have happened but still really annoying.

Other than that, we had fun exploring Ponte Vecchio in Florence, a medieval stone arch bridge over the Arno River. It used to be filled with butchers shops, but now it’s mostly jewelers, art dealers and souvenir sellers.

We also saw a Pinocchio-themed shop filled with wooden things, which was really cool, and had lots of things we wanted to buy for Max’s room!

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Java Junkie says:

So sorry to hear that your wallet was stolen! Thank goodness you still have your passport and able to cancel your cards. Love your positive attitude and wish you safe travels!

Linda Drew says:

The video was so neat of your day. I am so sorry about the wallet being stolen. Maybe they will feel bad & turn it in. Have a better rest of your trip. BTW, Max is so adorable. ??

Sarah Q. Malone says:

So sorry about the wallet, Maria. That happened to me once too…(in the USA). Good to see you all enjoying things nonetheless…

Déborah Araujo says:

I'm sorry for your wallet, Maria! Hope you can enjoy the rest of the trip without any other problems!

The Unstable Element says:

Such a shame about the wallet! I'm from Italy and one of the first things I always tell my foreign friends is to watch their pockets at all times.. unfortunately it happens a lot!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip though! 🙂

Anne Hazel Selby-Frei says:

So sorry this happened to you. It is a downright pain to get all these cards again. Best is to split everything in different places. Much love.

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