HUGE FUNKO HAUL from Entertainment Earth! DC Bombshells | Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman & MORE

HUGE FUNKO HAUL from Entertainment Earth! DC Bombshells | Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman & MORE

The AWESOME people over at Entertainment Earth send us a whole lot of FUNKO BOMBSHELLS to take a look at and review for you guys!!! These things are absolutely AMAZING and are the perfect addidtion to Bri Bri’s Bombshell Collection!!!

Check out the individual links below to get your very own BOMSHELL!!! (Some of these also have the possibility of getting a CHASE!)

Harley Quinn Dorbz (413):

Wonder Woman Dorbz (414):

Batgirl Dorbz (415):

Katana Dorbz (416):

Batwoman POP! (221):

Supergirl POP! (222):

Hawkgirl POP! (223):

Poison Ivy POP! (224):

Catwoman POP! (225):

Let us know what you thought of this review and who your favorite Bombshell is in the COMMENTS BELOW!!!

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Levi Williams says:

Oh. My. God.

Sky Avenger says:

Hi you guys are the ultimate funko collectors you guys rock thanks for being an awesome channel, nice haul😀

CrossEyedGaming says:

I'm a simple man

I see pops, I click like.

The Middle-Aged Kid says:

Just got this whole set of Dorbz and Pops and I love em so much I haven't taken the Dorbz out of the box yet! Gasp!

Justin D says:

Sweet Jesus

Hoosier Boy says:

GOOD LORD!!!! Love you two!!! Joey and Bri Bri aren't bad either jk lol. Keep up the great content guys!

mrDarth Trick says:


Frank Rodriguez says:

I had to check because I thought they were chop sticks 😏 they're not, they're just called hair sticks and are different from chop sticks. Very cool Dorbz and Pops 😊

J. Lee says:

I dig the POPS over the Dorbz but the MOTU ones were my first in Dorbz.

I loved the art and man I still wish had the $$$$ to get the Hawkgirl statue. Loved that one.

On these, I dig them but don't know if need in a whole but depends when see in person.

MakerMaddox says:

That wonder woman is SO cool!

Jorge Flores says:

Entertainment Earth are just the BEST to hook you guys up with all of these awesome pieces! I'm a huge fan of the Bombshells series… have to say, the Catwoman pop is by far my favorite! Oh, and speaking of favorite bombshells… Bri Bri with the victory roll hair FTW!! 😍😍… great video, y'all! OHHH! And Joey, that is my favorite shirt in the world! So much so I bought 3!! Lol

John Wesley Thomas says:

Awesome video keep it up

Town_ Of_Justice says:

Batgirl is awesome

Town_ Of_Justice says:


BrianAgosto says:

Great vid guys. Keep up the great work

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