HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #7 Road out of Pai

HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #7  Road out of Pai

On the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand and today we drive on motorbike down into Pai a small hippy town near Chiang Mai. We discover Lod Cave, as well as take in some amazing views.

This new series tackles the reality of solo travel and what driving around Northern Thailand as a budget traveler entails.

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Watch Steve’s vlog where we visit Doi Sutep Temple –

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Frankflores111 says:

19:30 ruuuuun! XD

Elliot Joseph says:

Really enjoying these vlogs bro, when are you going full moon and getting severely burned by a giant skipping rope while drinking window cleaner out of a Smirnoff bottle??

Bread Man says:

enjoyed that song from Matt. Now lets see the lady you wake up with that you met at the party.

Nick Vs. The World says:

PS my profile pic was taken at 5:30

Nick Vs. The World says:

the hardest part was getting past the Balrog

Nick Vs. The World says:

when i went to lod cave, that part where all the 3 caves connect, i stopped and yelled YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!, a bunch of Chinese people laughed in the distance and i instantly regretted it because obviously no one got the reference….

Ben C Flat says:

haa that teespring link is dead again, it's cutting off the end.

Razi Irwanshah says:

if anyone wanna know its called hollow by Belle Mt. Paddy you could have added that in the description! haha happy new year mate cheers

Karthik B M says:

awesome song btw

Karthik B M says:

8:10 haha

marie antoinette Colar says:

Hi Paddy😁

Happy Life says:

One day!☝️

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