HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #6 Road to Pai

HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #6 Road to Pai

On the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand and today we leave Pang Ung lake and drive the slippery road down into Pai, which is located on the way towards Chiang Mai. Lets see how this travel vlog goes…..

This new series tackles the reality of solo travel and what driving around Northern Thailand as a budget traveler entails.

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Watch Steve’s vlog where we visit Doi Sutep Temple –

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JRO Besse says:

Hey Paddy, will their be more videos from the Myanmar trip? When?

tales to travel says:

Buddy a video about how to travel with expensive tech at budget accommodation.. always a pleasure man keep it up.. we go wheels up for thai in 3 days ✌

Josh De Roche says:

Loving the vlog paddy lad! But does worry me for when i go travelling as i might end up being solo if my mate bails. I like meeting new people and worry about the lonely side of things…

Gabriel Traveler says:

Haha, cool man, that was fun.

Things Luke Loves says:

Talking to the bike is hilarious haha

Beatrice Arie says:


Nick Vs. The World says:

hey man, new sub here. I got turned onto your videos through Steves channel. My GF and I have been watching this series and had some good laughs with you lol. She loves correcting your poor pronunciations of thai places haha as she is a native Thai staying here in Canada. im excited what you get up too in Pai, we were just there in Febuary. stayed at jungle zone, really cheap cabins over looking some nice views and great staff i would recommend staying there, there is a small kinda secret*ish waterfall just up the road from there too you could check out. Im starting an 18month solo SE asia tour starting in 2 weeks, lets have BEEEEERRRRRRRS!

Alexandra Fournier says:

Ahhh the joys of a hot shower and dry clothes….it's like the sunshine after the rain, litterally. Lol You keep referring to a gf…get yourself one mate!!

GlobalDutch says:

Which editing software do you use?

KT McG says:

Very much enjoying watching the daily episodes every morning with a cup of coffee. Ta!

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