HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #5 Pang Ung

HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #5 Pang Ung

On the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand and today we leave Mae Hong Son town and travel east towards Pai and Chiang Mai. Thailand is full of amazing places and here we discover some really hidden gems.

This new series tackles the reality of solo travel and what driving around Northern Thailand as a budget traveler entails.

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Watch Steve’s vlog where we visit Doi Sutep Temple –

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Justin D says:

Paddy, loving this Christmas Special Series! You should maybe do this solo travelling on a bike in Vietnam? Heard it's a tad cheaper than Thailand and just as beautiful views… Anyway, have a blast Dude! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Lifetime Travelmates says:

Thanks for answering our question! We feel so lucky to get the only full answer not interrupted by crashing aerial vehicles or fire breathing dragon!! HAH! Steve's warning wasn't a joke! Can't wait to see your lady's face when you stick that on her chest (or arse). Cheers! See you tomorrow!

Nick Stroeher says:

The edits with the plane and helicopter were hilarious haha. Awesome job Paddy, keep it up! Pai was one of my favorite cities while traveling through Thailand this past summer, enjoy it

Ben C Flat says:

BTW your teespring link appears to be incomplete. I clicked and it couldn't find it.

Greg Brown says:

Paddys body has 1864 curves .
Gonna be real upsetti spaghetti if paddy doesn't have a mushie shake at sunset bar in pai shits life changing , Awesome trip dude love the shit out these vlogies .

Ben C Flat says:

Old Thai friends of mine from BKK appear to have a cafe / desert place in Pai called "Hey Mom, I'm in Pai" His name is Phi Korn, and a hell of a character. I'd love to see my old friend again, maybe you could pay him a visit πŸ˜‰

rubyytuesday1 says:

note to paddy – listening to someone eat an ice lolly is very irritating πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Urban Travel Life says:

Loving the daily vlogs! very inspired atm!

Ian Lawrence says:

You're losing your mind mate πŸ˜‰

Elliot Joseph says:

This vlog was off the chain

Elliot Joseph says:

Driving with one hand on the most dangerous road in the world with no helmet πŸ€”πŸ€”

Christian says:

Those final shots were to die for Padwan… stunning photography!

Erwin de Groot says:

Goodmorning from holland Paddy

MrLaneish says:

Please weare a helmet πŸ™Œ

Stephen Simpson says:

Looks a bit lonely at the moment mate? How you finding ways of coping with the solitude im sure it has its positives and its negatives? Im planning a solo trip which im probably gonna do another original vlog for and I find this inspiring, the lake at the end is what its all about man. Keep it up mate from Liverpool England πŸ‘

theedge2195 says:

Hey Paddy, just curious on what your thoughts were on putting drone shots in Series 3? I definitely love them in the context of these vlogs(killing the editing game), but one of the things that really made series 1&2 my favorite videos on YouTube was how I or (the camera)never really left the group. It helped the immersion and always felt β€œeye level” so to speak.
Either way I have no doubt series 3 is going to be awesome but I was just curious if you have given any thought to this? Thanks!

ClearVisionMuzik says:

Whos controlling the drone for the aero shots

The Running Fish says:

U suppose to share that loli, that's the designπŸ˜„

LoadedTunafish says:

Mate, you're slowly going insane.

CNVideos says:

The most inconvenient place I had the shits was Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Paul Darbishire says:

"the most dangerous road" – WTF? Great craic Paddy!

Raunak Agarwal says:

You must have a crazy good life insurance plan since you don't wear a helmet.

myopinions46 says:

I think with the bike chats and dragons you have officially gone off the rails rotfl. I really enjoy these videos cause i travel solo almost exclusively when i can and it is always amazing.

My Life As I know it! Desiree Roldan says:

I swear I saw the scooter smile when she saw that sticker haha πŸ˜‰

Nikki Cameron says:

I love seeing your loving relationship develop with your lovely two wheeled lady!

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