HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #10 Chiang Mai

HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND SOLO – A Backpacking Vlog Series – Mae Hong Son Loop – #10 Chiang Mai

On the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand and today we arrive back in Chiang Mai after driving a motorbike from Pai (with a quick fail stop over in Chiang Dao) – hope you enjoyed this Christmas Special!!

This new series tackles the reality of solo travel and what driving around Northern Thailand as a budget traveler entails.

We hope you enjoy these new vlogs and this whole new mini series. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE if you’re new for the rest of this series and MORE!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our amazing SUBSCRIBERS!!!

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Logan Jukes says:

It's been a brilliant 10 days Paddy. Happy New Year to you.

Blazingxinferno says:

Well done paddy… made it a thing watching you first thing in the morning with my cuppa tea… now sadly back to work without the adventure… until the next series. 🙂

Mathieu Tallard says:

Do you think David Bond did look at the serie ? Its like Jimani….its for ados…..

Gus Sanz says:

From San Diego, California, thanks for the incredible ride. I really enjoyed the entire experience thru your eyes, I am heading to India on my own solo journey in less than 30 days and you've been a great encouragement, thanks again Paddy!!! You have a friend in San Diego and welcome to crash in my pad on one of your journeys to Mex.

Ho let's go! says:

So YOU were the guy who flew the drone at Tha Phae Gate on New Year's! 😀 With all the restrictions you'd have to be a bit crazy to fly it there, so when I started watching this series yesterday and saw that you were flying the drone in your videos, I was like "I bet that was Paddy!" And it was. I love it!
We just bought a DJI Spark as well, and it's just the best thing ever 🙂

Space Hobo says:

Yeah, but there's no beach. Paddy……;.)

Kristina Alger says:

Great job Paddy! Traveling solo, being positive and editing and vlogging all on your own! I miss Chiang Mai and Thailand so much. I can't wait to get back. Thanks for being so honest and for all the hard work you put into this series. Happy 2018!

jazhielcit2 says:

Amazing how you can do it on a shit bike, no offense. I always thought you need an expensive KLR 650 or so. Thanks for the uploads. Do you think little bike like yours (125-150cc) could handle a trip to South America from California?

Mario Pastorini says:

Thoroughly enjoyed the series. Definitely make more in future. More of a fan of the 3 of you travelling vids but this is great…was a good watch and is helping me form ideas about a future trip.

Alicia Darychuk says:

wooo im going to have budgeteers withdrawals again! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Ace Helmond says:

You did it! Onya Paddy!

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