How to travel LIKE A BOSS – Thailand to India | Travel Vlog Ep. 28

How to travel LIKE A BOSS – Thailand to India | Travel Vlog Ep. 28

Here’s my journey from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Kolkata, India

After spending two months in Thailand, it’s time to switch things up and travel to India. My buddy DJ Justin James has a few shows and invited me to come along and film for him.

Unfortunately, Misha and I part ways for a bit, but don’t worry – we meet back up in Vietnam soon. India is a wild place that’s much different than anything I’ve ever experienced. I have plenty more interesting vlogs coming your way very soon about what life is like in India.

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Omari Joseph says:

INDIA…be careful (SMH)..hehehe…I'm sure that shower was the best thing you hand in of the stuff on your travel would certainly bother me, but YOU DUDE, you smiling all thru it like you won 1 million bucks…hehehe..have fun SteveO

sush koli says:

bro… just ignore noise and curious stares and you will love india..😁 plz don't just travel to famous tourist attractions… real beauty of india lies in small towns and villages… best wishes.. πŸ™‚

sush koli says:

welcome to india😊

SoulVoice says:

Enjoy ….looking forward to the new adventure in India πŸ™‚


solid episode

Lauren Aida says:

Yesssss India!!! I am unreasonably excited for the food in the upcoming vlogs. Hopefully you do make it to Laos eventually though!

Biking Phnom Penh says:

Looking forward to your India trip. Travelling is the best!

The Budgeteers says:

Looking forward to your India vlogs. India is MENTAL πŸ˜‚

Ashleigh Helmond says:

Bye Mishaaa! Bye Paddy! Hello India! Happy travels man, glad you're still killing it!

Serena Rosandi says:

always love all your video!!! ❀️❀️❀️ and congratulations for your new tattoo guys!!! 🀘🏻🀘🏻

Pocket Trailblazer says:

You got recognised!!!!! AMAZING- that is super cool! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ so excited for all your adventures in India!! Whoop!

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