How to Travel Around Europe – Transportation Options

How to Travel Around Europe – Transportation Options

An explanation of your options for traveling around Europe on your Europe trip. You can take planes, trains, buses, boats or rental cars to travel from place to place on your Europe trip, so I’m giving you a rundown of each transportation option and some important information to know before booking transportation for your Europe trip.

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Augusto Lugo says:

Love the tips, YouTube is amazing, so glad I found you.

Jessica Perez says:

quick question you mention a website that gives you the best options to choose from to get to your destination whats the website all i caught was "ROME" something please let me know thank you

gotoo chosemall says:

I would do train because the buses are going to take you hours. For example from Germany to Italy it's 8hrs by train, by bus it's going to be 12plus!!

TheRenaissanceman65 says:

I'm a total train fan and given the size of Europe, it can so often be worth not flying. Just to take within the UK, let's say you're in London and you want to go to Edinburgh. A train takes 4-5 hours while a flight is timetabled to take 1 hour. BUT you have to get to the airport, allow for check in time, fly, get your bags back, then get into Edinburgh by bus from the airport at Turnhouse. Do it by train and it's much less fiddle. You can go direct from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, no messing about with security checks, wander around and get a coffee or a snack from the buffet any time you want, AND you get to see more of the country out of the window on the way, not just clouds. All told, it doesn't take much longer, if at all, and when you're just travelling around for pleasure, it's not the same as having to get there for a business meeting on time.

So for Americans, remember that your country is bigger than our entire continent! Don't automatically think of flying. We have much better public transport – USE it.

Or if there aren't trains, then yes, buses.

Boats can be fun. Being British, how do I get to "the continent"? I remember when ferries were the only option. (Or hovercraft… dead now because they were so expensive in fuel and incredibly noisy. I went on one once, but that was 30 years ago.) We have the Channel Tunnel now, but when time isn't vital, why not have a cruise for something different?

(Just to be almost totally irrelevant, the best ferry I've ever been on was BC Ferries in Canada, from Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Take a morning sailing and they have the best buffet breakfast ever.)

Personally I'd rather not drive if travelling for fun. Let someone else do it and it's less stress.

lgerbing74 says:

Keep it up you're awesome ?!!???

Memes and bleach says:

I know I requested this vid already but could you make a vid on how to get overs fears of planes but great vids love them check everyday if you have posted any vids . Keep up the good work on your channel ?

Marcia Pze says:

I'm so excited to visit Europe, but I'm having problems to look up for the best and not as expensive way to go from Ljubljana-Prague-London-Paris so, what do you recommend? Thanks for the video it was so helpful! 🙂 Also, if you have been to Prague, London or Paris what hotels not as expensive do you recommend? Not hostels just hotels cause it's so difficult to know that I'm going this summer to find a good one but not as expensive one. Yes, maybe it's something that I need to check for myself or with an agency, but believe me, I have! So I just want a sincere opinion from someone who has actually been there! Love your videos really!

joshiejosh says:

You are a lifesaver. Thank you!!! 🙂

M-L Hubbard says:

your videos are so helpful because i am going to europe with my family

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