How to make money as you travel

How to make money as you travel

This is a basic overview of the key ways you can make money while you travel / live from a van.

Nomad Job Sites

Freelancer sites
– More:

Life for free / work-exchange as you travel:

Drop Shipping explained;

Amazon fulfilment:

Affiliate Schemes / Brokers
– Notes: Amazon ones are by country – its annoying but you have to sign up for multiple ones if you serve multiple markets.

Teaching websites

Other resources:
– Trello board for things you need to do:
– Costs of living in cities and countries:

This channel is about Nate Murphy and his journey, currently living out of vans and travelling the world rock climbing and working toward his goals. You can find videos about van conversions, van life, art, music, business and writing.

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Westley Adame says:

Great video!

Helen Burnley says:

Thanks for this upload! Really appreciate you responding to your viewers!

Elisabete Garcia says:

Thank you Nate, you are inspirational. I've taken your advice on board and I'll be taking action.

Josh Squires says:

Hi Nate, me and my friend are 15 years old, still in school, our dream is to travel and without sounding too cliche, escape the norm and live a life that we want to live. Your videos have answered questions, given us ideas and provided inspiration when we thought we should just leave it. Thanks a million and keep making awesome videos. Hope you achieve all your dreams as well mate.

James Harvey says:

I loved your van conversion because it's kind of what I want to do when I'm older but if you make shorter videos like 7-10 minutes they will be much better and upload more so you get more subscribers and views. To also make your videos better is to make your voice change especially when your making a 20 minute video otherwise it will just sound so so so so so so so so so so so BORING! And make your videos more about the van and when you go to other countries to make us viewers more intrigued and exited. AND FIND BETTER MUSIC FOR YOUR VIDEOS!?
But apart from that well done on getting 67,000 subscribers in the past 7-8 months
Yours sincerely
James Harvey

George Bowles says:

any one had any experience busking to earn money whilst you travel?

mensgoodies says:

Hi, love your cool channel. I think you´re very skilled in explaining quite complex things the easy way. Keep on doing it, thanks for your motivation and sharing your life on the road and in the mountains.

IfingerblastGranny's says:

We all know nate loves selling and smoking up a bit of crack cocaine when on the move 🙂

Joe M says:

Have you fixed the hob cover or did you film this before that happened?

cato says:

How about vlogging about living in a van?!

alex4alexn says:

Great vid, quick question, when was the last time you had a long term girlfriend? because that is where most of my money goes, keep up the good work!

Vibrant Films pro says:

Ive been NEEDING this video!!!

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