How To Make A Travel Video: Pt4 – Enjoying your trip vs filming your trip

How To Make A Travel Video: Pt4 – Enjoying your trip vs filming your trip

Ever wanted to make a video of your travel adventures but don’t know where to start? Check out this video to learn about not letting filming your trip getting in the way of the fun. Subscribe To “Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries” HERE:

Karl Watson gives tips on how to balance enjoying your travels whilst filming them at the same time.


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Wafflekang says:

Get a gimbal mate, i love your editing but the shakey video is just. . Ugh…

Robbie Chapman says:

Great series! Enjoy Japan!

Paul Morris says:

Thank you for your advice ,really useful. Love your videos a great deal.

Jumping Places says:

Quality vid, thanks for doing this 4 part series… really great advice that will help many future creators out. Making travel videos is definitely more work than anyone can ever imagine for sure!

Noel Pastor says:

You are awesome Karl!! I learned a lot frm this channel..your channel makes me a travel vlogger also..i love travelling and im an adventurer!!

TheTBull8 says:

Awesome video as always. Just wondering what size hard drives you use for backing up. Thanks!

David.W.Lewis says:

Thanks for all these bud. Can't WAIT for the Japan series!

DecsTravels says:

Really enjoyed this series man. Enjoy Japan! Can't wait for the videos to follow

TIM and FIN says:

Great topic Karl! And I love how you opened- “do you even WANT to make a travel video?!” So true though! It’s a lot of work if you don’t love editing. HK2NY was our original inspiration. Keep it up!

Nick Vs. The World says:

Japan! how exciting. as always great video man! I hope one day our paths will cross and we can pound back some pints!

Talfryn Lewis says:

can't wait for Japan!! 🙂


Are you ever planning on taking a long trip like the Hk to NY again? That would be freaking awesome!

James Blaze says:

Cant wait for Japan, have fun mate. And thanks for these tip videos, your helping a lot of us out!

Sean Smith says:

Haha internet in Australia is terrible anyway

amy-lyn views says:

Omg karl and james going to japan…..

Vlog18rodas says:

Keep the good work

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