How To Make A Travel Video: Pt3 – How to edit your story

How To Make A Travel Video: Pt3 – How to edit your story

Ever wanted to make a video of your travel adventures but don’t know where to start? Check out this video to learn how to edit your story. Subscribe To “Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries” HERE:

Karl Watson gives tips on how to edit your travel videos. From organising your footage, editing scenes together, finding music, animating maps and colour grading.

Animated map tutorial:


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Crevetta says:

You look really tired :/

stephen watson says:

Excellent explanation of the process .

Harry And Lavi: Travel Videos says:

Great tips Karl – thanks for sharing! I'll have to try out that FCPX keyword technique in my next travel video as it seems like it would save a load of time! Keep up the good work!

JesShow Travel/Media says:

So much useful info! Thanks man! I just started with color grading and it is helping for sure. Very true about showing the film to someone and the problems immediately coming out. But sometimes I overthink it and am too hard on myself then watch it later and am fine with it. I can sometimes look at the smallest thing that only an editor would see and just think the whole film is ruined.

Karen Tun Aung says:

This is a fantastic series Karl. Great information. Thanks and Happy New Year!! xx

The Budgeteers says:

Great video lad. 🙂

Levi Halperin says:

Loving these vids. Thanks for the tips.

X43oPEGASUSo says:

I can tell you really hate House music on videos 😂😂 thank you for all of these tips, especially some of the cut examples and the way you made the map routes; I was Hoping you would mention this!

Thank you so much, Karl!

Nick Vs. The World says:

man i love the lotr references hahaha , great tips! i was wondering about the maps too.

Counting Islands says:

1st… Awesome tips!

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