How To Make A Travel Video: Pt2 – How to film your story

How To Make A Travel Video: Pt2 – How to film your story

Ever wanted to make a video of your travel adventures but don’t know where to start? Check out this video to learn how to best film your story whilst you’re on the move. Subscribe To “Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries” HERE:

Karl Watson gives tips on what aspects of your trip you need to film in order to best tell your story.

If you’re brand new to film, check out this video on basic shot composition techniques:


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Khandash says:

awesome video!, cant wait for my next trip and to do some filming!

Nick Vs. The World says:

GREAT TIPS! So little update here, ive sold 1/2 my shit and the other 1/2 im putting in safe keeping, terminated my lease. and am moving indefinitely to SE Asia lol


"Only because you are on foreign soil doesn't make it good" – well said!
Thanks for this how to series, I can definitely use the advice.

Gabriel Traveler says:

Yep, nailed it. I think one important tip for travel videos is to have a mission that turns the video from just nice shots of a pretty place into a story of trying to get somewhere or find something. I.e. "In this video I will be going by bus across India and I don't even know where I'm staying tonight." Or "I'm on a mission to find this castle I heard about", etc. That gives the video a storyline that makes it more interesting to follow along and see what happens. And the less expected the story is the better. Planned out days and group tours often aren't as interesting as spontaneous days in which you don't know exactly what's going to happen, and there's more room for weird, unexpected things to take place.

disarmsox says:

Very useful video. Something that I find a real turn off on any YouTube video is when they don't have a script and just waffle on and on..

Chris Short says:

Great tips, thanks mate

Vlog18rodas says:

Karl, love you videos and you are the top 5 channels (trip and travel) I love to watch.

Luke's HomeTube says:

All really great tips to hear. I know just about all of these. But it’s always nice to reinforce it by hearing these storytelling techniques over and over. Thanks for sharing!

Luke Explores says:

how many times a day do you get changed

JacotteDoediesZot says:

This is SO useful. Thanks a lot, Karl!

Chris Sakamoto says:

Excellent vid. Any tips you have on approaching and filming locals?

X43oPEGASUSo says:

Hi Karl it was great to watch your Philippines trip, as I'm going there next year. With your tutorials, i might be able to produce a half decent film out of it.

I have a question; what filming equipment do you carry with you on an average day and during an "adventure" day where you would be very active, such as Kawasan Falls in the Philippines. (E.g how many batteries, spare SD card, tripods etc)

Love your work, Can't wait for next week!

xJEHUTYx says:

Your videos are fantastic, love your travel documentaries and i would be so happy if you do some more "How to make" videos.
I am doing travel videos for my self and private i do not share it on YouTube.
Maybe you watch one of my videos one time and give me some tips for filming and editing.
Love your New Zealand shirt.

Steeven Farrell says:

Thanks Karl, all this is going to come in really handy. Can't wait for the next one 😀 great work man 😀

Julie and Derik says:

Thank you for this series !

Banashree Chakraborty says:

VERY NICE and Beautiful .

Pailu Bulahao says:

great tips, thanks for sharing cheers

Pocket Trailblazer says:

Great work Karl, I liked Take 1!! Hilarious 😂😉

amy-lyn views says:

Cheers karl
I can relate to ur video😁😁

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