How not to get shot in Brazil during carnival | How to travel better

How not to get shot in Brazil during carnival | How to travel better

In this video, you’ll learn the steps I take to stay safe at the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia and Recife. Unfortunately Jo from Damon and Jo YouTube channel was shot in Rio at the carnival this year. ? Wishing you a speedy and full recovery, Jo! ??

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Howtogetfluent says:

thanks for the solid advice. On my first trip to Rio in 2010 I followed the tip in my guidebook and used disposable cameras – ended spending more on them and processing than if I'd taken my 100 euro digital camera… At Cristo Rendator I was standing there like an idiot with this Fuji disposable among a sea of tourists all waving their massive Canon lenses about the place…. More tips – only take the money you need for the day and dress more like a local, maybe just take an old mobile out with you.

Alex Silvestre says:

It's a sad reality, but these tips are good. From what I know you have been to Recife without being shot at least three times, when we met, so you are taking good precautions. Hope everyone stays safe if they come over here. Keeping valuables safe or not bringing them at all is advisable.

MrPara6991 says:

How not to get shot : don't go into multi culturalized zones

Mateus Brito says:

Triste realidade, meu amigo 🙁

Mais uma dica, nunca andem por lugares e ruas desconhecidas, principalmente nas grandes cidade, se você por engano entrar em uma favela ou rua perigosa você está em apuros. Fico envergonhado, a maioria do povo brasileiro quer mudança mas parece que esse país não progride. 🙁

One more tip: never walk to unfamiliar places, especially in big cities, if you made the mistake of entering a favela or dangerous street you are at risk. I'm ashamed, most brazilians want changes in Brazil but it seems that the country doesn't improve, it's a sad reality.

Rafter's Languages says:

I have been in Rio de Janeiro years ago, and like most metropolis in the world, there's some areas you better stay away from, especially at night. But I always felt safe, and I stayed in Copacabana and visited even the Rocinha favela and Santa Teresa. The city is really a "Cidade Maravilhosa", you just don't have to play the part of the dumb rich tourist around, and you'll be safe…
Your tips are very useful, but they sound a bit too alarming for me; at the end of the day, it's the same in most major cities in South America, and all around the world really… Just my humble opinion, of course

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