How I afford to Travel in Luxury – Sam Chui Interview

How I afford to Travel in Luxury – Sam Chui Interview

On a recent trip in Russia onboard Rossiya Airlines B777-300, I was interviewed by Ksenia Albrant about my life, my passion, my job and how am I able to afford to travel so much in luxury.

I hope I am able to answer some of your question and if you got further question, I am happy to answer it in another video in the future! Just ask in the comment section!

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heylol33 says:

So he's an analyst in the finance but his mathematics and physics aren't great ?

Alexis Wely says:

nice person
very interesting hobby even we must spend alot.

Acorn Playz says:

I bet you this comment will drown in the comment section..

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Thomas Türling says:

Great interview imho you have the heart in the right place

tyronebiggums3 says:

at 3:45, sexy girl gets bored, touches tiger, then touches phone.

Benjamin the Avgeek says:

A person from china that loves flying with united as they gave him great 'pleasure' and memories. Hmmmmm xD

Lik3n says:

кто русский?

Sam - NC/USA says:

A very beautiful girl and excellent answers to her questions.

Fryzi Game says:

Россия,моя жизнь!

siemenssx1 says:

sam r u full Chinese? I'm asking cuz its rare to see Chinese guys with a full 5 o clock shadow

juniyananajukyu says:

Sam, thanks for addressing the biggest question your followers and haters have been dying to know! Happy travels!

TrustyMarlin63 says:

You should become a pilot and actually fly airplanes as well as travel in luxury too. Keep up the good work!

Danmazing says:

The beginning is so staged. They didn't even make a effort to act like they just met

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