How do I apply for a PR travel document?

How do I apply for a PR travel document?

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How do I apply for a PR travel document?
To apply for a PR travel document, you need to complete the steps from the Instruction Guide:
● Download the relevant application forms
● Fill in, sign and mark the date on the application forms
● Pay the processing fee using the relevant payment method that depends on the country you are applying from and can be:
○ Completed online with a debit or credit card
○ By using a money order or a certified check
○ By direct deposit or bank transfer
● Mail the completed application, the supporting documents and the document checklist in a sealed envelope to the nearest Canadian Diplomatic Mission.
Once an authorized officer decides that you are eligible for a PR Travel Document you will get the PRTD counterfoil in your passport. The decision is typically made without an interview and is based on the information provided in the application and the documents.



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