I am in love with Hawaii. Everything about it pulls me. It always has. Even before I ever went there for the first time I felt a strange sensation and magnetism toward it.. I felt like I had been there before. Lived there.. Maybe in another life! And every time I return, I feel like I need to live there, for real! Maybe one day I will, but until then, I get to appreciate the beauty of travelling there for small periods of time!

These are just little snippets that I took along the way. I wasn’t actually intending to create a video of any sort – If I did I would have remembered to film a lot more!! And in retrospect, I should have! (Next time I will haha!)
But here are some of the moments I had, and memories I shared with the beautiful people I met and befriended whilst on the North Shore for ten days..
I hope you enjoy!

Love and light,
Sjana x



TravelWithVish says:

Falling in love with Hawaii..
Just uploaded my channel Trailer.. please do check it out. 🙂

Eva MAINGUET says:

Beautiful !! Now I want to go there!! 😍 I love your Travel diary videos ❤️❤️

Lydia Waldrop says:

This is awesome I love hawaii so much it's truly beautiful and your blog matches it perfectly!

Constança Pereira says:

This Is so beautiful 😍💓

Lola Loom says:

By far one of the most mind setting videos love you Sjana 🌎🌸💓xxxxxx

Siena Lilly says:

Love this video and great music choice!!! 🙂

Sanne Vander says:

Your travel diary videos are the BEST!

Laura rtg says:

What underwater camera did you use💋❤️

mdancer18 says:

Hawaii really never gets old, my friends think I'm crazy by booking another flight there at the end of the year…making it my 6th visit 😂 I want to explore every nook & cranny!

Kim July says:


Britt Zweerts says:

Oh this makes me happy! 🙂 could you tell me who sings this cover? She sounds lovely.

Laura Arzner says:

This wants me to go to Hawaii so bad! Love the video ❤

Donna Monterey says:

Oh Sjana! Your smile and laugh make the world whole! I'm so lucky that the world created you to share some of your positive energy(:

Aimee Kriesl says:

More vlogs pretty please

Paris Murphy says:

I love this ! x

Ana Sofia Azevedo says:

Great video!! Love you Sjana! – from Portugal

Ombrima says:

Amazing video, I liked it 😀

Julie Debay says:

So peaceful, love you sjana ! 💙

Milena says:

I love you! My video about you )

Anna Minerd says:

This sooo beautiful and it gives me such like chill vibes!!i loveee❤️

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