Harry Styles Flinches During Kendall Jenner Mentions Teases New ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Harry Styles Flinches During Kendall Jenner Mentions Teases New ‘Carpool Karaoke’

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Harry dodged questions about his rumored ex-girlfriend on Monday’s ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden.’



Entertainment Tonight says:

Here's the Song Harry Styles Wrote About Taylor Swift 'Two Ghosts': https://youtu.be/v675vGSwS6I?list=PLQwITQ__CeH2HnpMmV5-wDDnvcsFx1c4i
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samo says:

Oh Harry ??

Kj Hilger says:

Really harry fucking stiles

olivia saunders says:

Harry is ridiculously talented. He's got an old school vibe I love it!

Nilly Els says:

Imagine a halsey and harry duet, holy shit.

strawberry Cake says:

y so hot jere???

Ana PG says:

Haha. Harry is hilarious.

fastlane says:

I've never been a fan of 1D/Harry but ever since he went solo he's been…just…amazing. I don't understand. His music is so good and he has gotten SUPER attractive..like I'm legit becoming a fan….

Reshma Rajan says:

did anyone else repeat 0:57 more than 5 times?

Vama says:

Harry is so beautiful!!

Thy Do says:

he didn't flinch and it wasn't cringey. he was just making a joke and being funny. they could've been talking about anyone. the media always has to make something out of nothing. and i guess i was stupid enough to fall for it so good job

Traci Adi says:

I love love love his hair!!! Such a Handsome young man!!!

Ana Iliasa says:

When is ed's carpool karaoke?!!!!

one larry says:

when he said they lay everyday harry was going to make the cross

Life Of Rubii says:

Too anyone saying that he contributed to the "joke" – I didn't know that sitting in silence, awkwardly and uncomfortably, made you out too be the biggest sexist prick on the planet LOL. Y'all need to get over yourselves, stop accusing Harry of saying shit he didn't say or doing shit he didn't do because we all saw the footage and you really need to get over yourselves. Bunch of prissy, petty morons.

myamoe thawthaw says:

poor Harry. but it does makes a juicy joke.

Aeone Emanuelle Oira says:

we don't believe you we love harry styles

el playstations says:

min 1:00 lmao

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