Happy 60th Birthday, Ellen DeGeneres! A Look Back on Her Career

Happy 60th Birthday, Ellen DeGeneres! A Look Back on Her Career

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To celebrate Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday, we’re flashing back to the first time we met DeGeneres at the age of 26.



s says:

she CAN NOT be 60 wth?!?!?! HOW

Tracy Fleming says:

Happy 60 the Birthday Ellen πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ I hope you had a wonderful day .May God bless you with many , many more happy, healthy and blessed more years to come. Thank You , for being so nice to everyone. Gosh , you look so great .β™₯οΈπŸ’™β™₯️

Turklarisha says:

I don't beleive it! she looks so young!

Reset Me says:

Who else thaught Ellen was in her 40s

Aiza Syed says:

wow ellen looks so young

Travis C says:

She looked the same all her life

Alex Matias says:

Damn she looks young wow Ellen age is amazing be gay and look so young

Edvin Kingston says:


Dino Rachael says:

I thought she was younger

andtastic1 says:

thought she was older

mindgap comics says:

Happy B day!!!

Da Queen says:

I can’t believe she’s 60! Like, woman, how do you look so good?! She’s just so energetic and full of life! This is what a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will do for you, folks.

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