Guilin, China TRAVEL VLOG

Guilin, China TRAVEL VLOG

The first Monkey Abroad travel vlog takes place in Guilin. We took a trip here to film a documentary promoting travel in Guilin, and this video highlights our free time in between shots and some other nonsense! Come along and join us on this adventure. I hope you enjoy.

We were in Guilin during the Clothes Drying Festival. This is the most significant festival of the year for the Yao People, an ethnic minority group that lives a self-sustaining lifestyle in the mountains here. We were fortunate enough to experience the daily life, customs, and traditions of these people during our stay.

My friend Adan joins us for his first appearance in a Monkey Abroad production. He is not only an amazing dancer and performer, but he made the music for this video (
Also, be sure to check out Adan’s YouTube page:

You already know Raven from the Nanjing and Wuxi videos (Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day). She’s becoming a staple in the Monkey Abroad videoz. The only person we were missing this time was Curtis!


Sick BEATS provided courtesy of Adan AKA Lao Wai 老外

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Runze Hu says:

why does the Chinese girl talk in the California way? sounds strange.

Alex P says:

14:41 he never tasted fish this good. All these video have the same lines. I hope they get some new lines.

radiumrf says:

米粉 is too good

- RunningWithScissors - says:

Hair bands and buns on men….what a freakin sad commentary about Hipster wannabes.

Saisha Srivastava says:

shirt at 18:36 looks like its been on some hardcore adventures, Kevin.
Adan and Raven are gem finds btw!
p.s. Adan, maybe don't pay heed to opinions of a dude whose screen name is vegans are in a cult. 🙂 your sense of humor is so chill, it's great! keep doing you, good luck!

Yami Yu says:

Vive SHENMUE 3 :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Nij Jin says:

Everything was good untill he started rapping, and he killed it!!!

He killed the video.

Mai Nguyên Văn says:

where does raven come from? she sounds like vietnamese, her accent those, also her beauty

Tracy T says:

great job with the video. camera man was shaking so much though

Despro says:

raven is normal in a clasemate in middle school

Lifan Qi says:

Wow! Guilin is my hometown! This is so cool!!

Space Hobo says:

Wat da fck did I just watch……?……..:-)

OtherAntking says:

channel is underratted!, need for subs. meet up with foodranger again.

OtherAntking says:

freestyle was good at the end, cant hate. keep doing your thang. more vlogs/

ipman says:

does raven have an insta?

伊榭尔伦的风 says:


Lenaaround says:

Fishing with your bare hands? Why did I never hear about this festival! Looks fun!

6in Tokyo says:

Lol that freestyle at the end was 🔥🔥🔥

黄俊明 says:

good Vlog carry on!!!!!

musicisadrian says:

Guilin is gorgeous. Outstanding video!

ZHU YI says:

big fan. Have been watching you vid since you made this channel. Just came back to china from the states 2 months ago. hope i can see you somewhere in this country.
Keep it up! monkey.

Kris Liao says:

Guilin is a great city for foreigners.

cromlek says:

I think its really sweet that you let that mentally disabled girl tag along with you guys.

joep994 says:

So cool man! Fun participation as usual:-)))

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