Guerilla Date with Ji Changwook [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.07.24]

Guerilla Date with Ji Changwook [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.07.24]

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Luna Glow says:

love ji changwook! <3

Malak Natsheh says:


bringdaruckusss says:

What is the song in the beginning

HodanX Hoodle says:

TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TT is the only thing i can say now

khushboo singh says:


Jessie Treasure says:

I couldn't breathe these fans are crazyyyy ㅋㅋㅋ😂😂😂

Teck SG says:

I'm too distracted seeing how the body guards control the crazy crowds! wow! just wow!

kow dhe says:

guh this was so obviously an act…he was acting ..ouch seriously actors nd there acting skills are so …..well I don't know but I am glad that I wasn't being acted over even though I love him a lot

vonzilla says:

That crowd is a little scary with that constant wave of pushing. imagine if they managed to break through the security barrier. really disturbing. I think changwook handled it well. He did look a tiny bit freaked out the first time he got out the van before they had to move for safely. You could tell he was a bit surprised by the crowd. anyways, I hope he thickens up a little when he goes to the army. He seems a bit too skinny lately. He face has seemed slightly sunken in to me these days.

Baecon Chim-Chim says:

Okay they are somehow crazy, the fans xD

Josephine Ma says:

After watching Suspicious Partner why does his ideal type sound so much like Nam Ji Hyun?

Kei Bobeep says:

He is so handsome

Karen Wills says:

I just finished  watching "Suspicious Partners. I loved that drama. I hope  that he  will be safe  in the military. I also remember that girl from So Ji Sub's recent  Guerilla Date , LOL. Does  she  follow the  film crew  when there is a guerilla date? Ha1Ha

Ankita Das says:

I cannot under stand when people see to celebraity they are behehaving like this they are aLSO human beings like us

Marissa Feldwerth says:

He is a great actor but acting like that in front of your favorite actor is really embarassing

أنا البندورة الحمرا says:

Are the chosen people from the crowd fake?? it seems fake to me

kokay says:

Take care in the army😭we'll miss you 😘

Claudia West says:

Thats for you to see how loved his is his fans are HUGE like damnn bae😌😍😍

Claudia West says:


Hakuna Matata says:

I'm gonna miss him so much omg baby i'll be waiting for you

Anita Leiva says:

He is a sweet and kind person. Good luck in the army!

wimbletone says:

The real heroes are the bodyguards trying to prevent the females from breaking through

Çiğdem Yıldız says:

Opppaa ji chang wook is a great actor in any genre 😍 😍 😍 My Healer please come back safely from army 😔 I'll miss u so much until then 😔

salle choi says:

he's like running for a government position.

farhahxoxo says:

poor the bodyguards lol

Tia Vina says:

Will wait for you Ji changwook oppa!!!

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