Season 2. Episode 47. RV Mexico. Looking for things to do in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico? Here are all the things we did in the second largest city in Mexico!


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After spending a couple days in Tequila Mexico, the next stop was Guadalajara. We were blown away with how BIG this city was and how it reminded us of being in New York City when walking the streets, except for the rich culture and Spanish history. Around every corner was another church or breathtaking picture. We stayed at the Morales hotel which was 5 stars (just ask Caleb).

If you’re thinking about RVing Mexico, this is the perfect place to start. If you want to know more about La Penita RV Resort, check out the promo video KYD produced in the next link.


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49ldavis says:

You guys are awesome. I just love your videos

raul htx says:

love watching you're videos

Eric Fox says:

AWSOME Episode. You guys were totally out of control (Funny). My Dad was born in Guadalajara. That is a place that is on our bucket list.

Rodrigo Jaziel says:

Bienvenidos a México, que la pasen bien XD

Erica Barthman says:

Just found your channel a couple of days ago, love it! After binge watching all your videos my husband and i have set a date( next may!) to travel the us in an rv for one year with our three kids! So Excited! Thanks for the inspiration! And shout out to the Austin tx fire dept. my husbands cousin is a firefighter there!

elyohep says:

What an awesome shots! Gracias por compartir sus videos!

Anita Griggs says:

I thought you said, "Do you scratch when you get up?" And he said, "Yeah, I scratch!" Ha ha! Stretch, scratch . . . all the same.

Jack Youngblood says:

I just ordered a new canopy for my F-350 that cost less than that dress. LOL.

Jackson Berga says:

Drone footage was amazing! Also hello from Canada?? eh

Betty A says:

This was so much fun! OMG, that drone footage. Glad it didn't hit, but equally as glad to see such an awesome closeup. That's got to be the best "near miss" ever! Drones have brought us to a whole new level. Now I'm getting to see Mexico like I've never seen it before, unless someone had the really big bucks to do helicopter footage. Really loving the drone footage everywhere. It was cool to see an overview of the city.

Last year when I was in San Juan de los Lagos, it would have been about an hour or less from Guadalajara. Now I wish when I got on that return bus to Monterrey that I would have taken a couple of days in Guadalajara before returning to Monterrey. Can't wait to go back. You guys are so funny. The whole family takes so well to the camera. Love the dresses. I bet Tory looked awesome. Oh, I really cracked up laughing over the menu in English. Some poor Spanish dude is proud that he did such a good job translating…. lol….eggs bathed in tummy ???? I can't stop laughing. Would that be an embryo? The hotel is beautiful. I want to stay there. Will you guys be retuning to Mexico in the future?

Btw, I'm also watching another cute young couple in Mexico on YT – Kinetic Kennons – Greg & Hillary. They are a young couple from Dallas (my town) who decided to go live in Puerto Vallarta for a while. They're cute and also a lot of fun. Maybe you'll check them out. Good to see you guys again. Hasta luego, amigos ;-))

Melkbone says:

Good times. Plan "squirrel " pizza.
#Italy #Paris

Hans Gyswyt says:

I never miss a video, I had my head phones on and was laughing mightily when I realized my whole family was watching me watch you. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment. Love your family. I hope someday we can meet up, and if your ever near Seattle you have free camping with hookups on my little farm waiting for you.

syzfilms says:

LOL it's so funny. Guys are always putting moves on Trish. The more I watch your family the more I realize that you are a very special bunch of people. What great fun it is to follow along.

Road Less Traveled says:

Nicely done. Video editing is superb! Thanks for sharing your adventures best channel on you tube. You guys are blessed!

Peace Dove says:

your video's just keep getting better…Great job…you all are rock stars❗✌????

Carlos Enrique Peña says:

Visit zapopan and iron gate in guadalajara, are the most beautiful areas or sectors of the city. The colonial center is beautiful but there are places more beautiful and tourist like the mentions. Greetings from Monterrey.

Anthony Adamo says:

Great video. On my list of places to go. What app is that on the phone that lets you translate written words from Spanish to English? Its at 751 on this video.

iamroadrash824 says:

What are you all up to at the moment of reading this comment?

jorge palomera says:

You guys are an amazing family! best of all you're showing my home town. Saludos desde Seattle. New subscriber.

James Farnham says:

LOL Housekeeping! You guys are so enjoyable.
What drone do you have? The DJI Phantom 3?? Also are you using an IPhone for the viewer? Jim

ThePollayrobert says:

ya'll are makin me hungry

Roger Strand says:

Dump the F150 get a Ram with Cummings

Charles Finn says:

Great video! I heard the "stanima" comment also. Just thought you were trying to speak southern! I really like these videos, but what happens on the other days? Just ordinary life in an RV? You need to do a video on your "ordinary" life! I was in Mexico and a lady told me she wanted my blue eyes. I didn't know what to say!

Vernon W says:

Looked like a nice place. Did everyone enjoy it ?

Patty Sternjacob says:

Gosh, where do I start. Totally awesome drone footage. I loved the city….so many wonderful memories you made there. I am a lover of old churches/abbeys. How old are the Iglesias there. Caleb and Carson really need to get out more!! Jokes. ?
I liked that Everyone participated in this Vlog. Tori, you are beautiful. Since I have 2 red headed granddaughters, I totally love seeing your gorgeous hair. Thanks for taking me along shopping for your prom dress. ❤️ your choice. Oh, and I am impressed Marc with your STANIMA. As always, Tricia, you light up the entire Vlog with your comebacks with Marc.

Jaunt Junkies says:

Love the video. Motivates us to get out almost every weekend. Just got back from Moab and already planning the next weekend. Keep living the dream.

trivera711 says:

Love watching your videos… They're all amazing. Keep them coming! ??

Michael Curran says:

I'm hooked. I absolutely love your videos. The editing is terrific.

sexyellex says:

I triple thumbed up for the drone footage!!!!

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