Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2017)

Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2017)

The greatest moments in USA sports from 2010-2017. Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey.
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Sportz Highlightz says:

Thank y'all for 190 subscribers and 110k views. So blessed <3

Jacob Cole says:

Aaron Judge should not be on here

Catchy Gaming says:

The stealers SB catch was 2009(I think) also his foot wasn't down(I'm a sad cardinals fan")

Joh Mine says:

Love this. Sb 51 highlights, mayweather vs Connor highlights, mma, boxing. Add some diversity but otherwise great vid

War Chief V says:

The music ruined it

Chas54865 says:

Why did Paul George change his number?

Chas54865 says:

How is the quarterfinal of the Big East championship one of the greatest moments?

Dylan Gomes says:

Everyone do this

Step 1: Pause this video and MUTE this video
Step 2: Play "HANZ ZIMMER- TIME" in the background.
Step 3: Enjoy the goosebumps.

Dylan Gomes says:

Good vid but horrible choice of music. Had to mute it and play my own.

Matt FC says:

Japanese gk at the start looked like 7 year old.

Sam Clash Royale says:

Got goosebumps not even a minute in

Winston Cai says:

Bruh Federer and his 2 grand slams wtf

Chandler Davidson says:

For some reason you added clips of hockey but the title suggests these are "sports" highlights 🤔

Jacob Nitzke says:

Where is Syracuse basketball vs duke

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