Greatest Sports Moments From RSHighlights (1 Year Special)

Greatest Sports Moments From RSHighlights (1 Year Special)

Best Moments from all of my videos.

Comment suggestions for future videos and Enjoy!

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erik poop says:

Nigger where tf is cubs world series

Obj Da beast says:

The first song??

Uk Lovers says:

8:45 trash

Joseph Vasquez says:

RSHighlights why r u thanking us, we should be thanking u for the spectacular content

thelegend27 says:

8:01 😉

paul elliott says:

The video is sadly not available to me
Might be a 'country' issue
Cool channel anyway as usually watch everything else you post

Trick Shots Only says:

I love watching your videos I wait and wait to watch them

My Channel Name Is Cringe Tyrese Sutton says:

Congrats on one year RSHighlights

Markus Mckithen III says:

when Clemson win

Jordan Legend of Zelda says:

do a give away

RSHighlights says:

Had some people say they are unable to watch this video, please comment if that is the case and I'll try to resolve the problem.

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