Gotham – Comic-Con 2017 Highlight Reel & Sneak Peek

Gotham – Comic-Con 2017 Highlight Reel & Sneak Peek

GOTHAM cast and producers returned to San Diego Comic-Con to give fans a preview of the mayhem in store for the upcoming fourth season, and debuted an exclusive highlight reel featuring the first look at footage from the season four premiere, airing on its new night, Thursday, September 28, at 8/7c on FOX.

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EAE JÃO says:

this tv serie remind me of batman earth one i don't know why maybe because the characters are kind of distorced,but the show is very good

futurespells says:

I swear to god , if I see one more turtle neck. I'm done…


VINCENT Wah says:


TheComicCrafter says:

I literally just realized that Fox now has both DC and Marvel shows airing.

EVacStation says:

I've stayed away from this show for the most part. But this new season is looking pretty interesting.

Sheik Mishaal says:

Please be Batman

Raghu Seetharaman says:

There is nothing to fear but fear itself

Aaron Hinton says:

Everything wrong with this show in 1 video. lol

fernando saavedra jr says:

Batman Is Here

Holger Petersen says:

What a Waste of Talent and Money!

Daniel Sisman says:

Would there be two face – killer moth – Bane – dead shot – also when will Bruce wane meet robin (Tim drake)

JonnySuite13 says:

This show taken the entire Batman lore and flipped it right on its head. Never agreed with this concept.

M. Leto says:

Looks awesome !

Robert Houtsch says:

Can't wait!

gohanson27 says:

Way too young to be a vigilante. Like come on, a few training with Alfred and the league and now he's Batman? He needs to travel the world, learn how to be a detective not some brawler. Good grief.

MarioBrosReborn says:

I get that there trying to capture what made Smallville so good but…………i don't know.

Nerd Zone! says:

don't get me wrong i don't like judging a book by its cover but this looks awful.

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