GOTHAM CITY GARAGE: First Interview on New Series

GOTHAM CITY GARAGE: First Interview on New Series

Unplug and hit the open road with Gotham City Garage, a free-wheeling new digital first comic series based on the popular line of DC Collectibles. In this DC All Access comics clip, series writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly sit down for their first interview about the new comic, describing the fascinating dystopian world it’s set in and introducing us to the key characters. Plus, we give you an up-close look at the two newest Gotham City Garage statues: Supergirl and Batgirl!

The Gotham City Garage: Wonder Woman statue is now available:

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Ximena Vazquez says:

Babs and Kara are sisters
Wonder Woman is a myth
But where's Black Canary 😑😑😑 she is my motto girl.

MaskedMan66 says:

How can a Kryptonian have tattoos?

Level Z says:


MeldThe Steel says:

It sounded cool until the bit with harley

wildevil says:

These guys obviously never read any of the graphic stories in Heavy Metal Magazine. Otherwise they would have been inspired a whole lot earlier and didnt have to wait this long to come up with this concept.

doctor leak says:

of course Gotham survives

Francisco Borges says:


Nick W says:

Please don't go SJW on us DC! We have our full from Fake Marvel lately.

Blu Betel says:

Daughters of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Gotham Original? I'm sold.

Shakeema Edwards says:

Gonna pass on this. The last series based on figures kinda went off the rails.

george The comic guy says:

basically re done dc bombshells

Jose Arias says:

they should make this in to a animated series on that new DC streaming service that's gonna come out next year

tim says:

black canary and wonder woman should be big parts of this too bad they always focus on supergirl for some reason DC is obsessed with that rat

Sentinel Prime says:

First bombshells now this,okay

Bobby Vee says:

How do you tattoo Supergirl? A kryptonite needle?

Hypnotico89 says:

Yes I am so here for this!!!!!! Catwoman is NOT Selina Kyle?!!!!!! I don't know if as a Catwoman fan I should be mad about this or excited on this new take. I will be so pissed if it's Lois Lane it better at least be Donna Troy or Carol Ferris. I am excited to see this Catwoman though

Mark Guerrero says:

so this is the new DC Bombshell

grimfate says:

2:43 I don't think I have ever seen someone excited about noticing someone else's prison camp tattoos before lol xD

Jordeah Grosko says:

this is gonna be so cool

Leah Taylor says:

I want to see who is Catwoman

cartoon80s90s says:

This series is the one that got me most excited in the last few years. Love the lore and the characters. Can't wait.

Darksuperboy says:

So how does an invulnerable SuperGirl get a tattoo?

Mr. Bat-Man says:

Why is DC going SJW all of a sudden? Didn't they see it's not working for Marvel? smh!
Anti-fascism today means idiots dressed in black pretending they stand for something while actually being fascists themselves. I expect my superheroes to be better people than that.

Julien Kearns says:

I wanted Black Lightning

TheComicCrafter says:

The Rogues would fit right in as a gang of biker outlaws, fighting to survive while righting (and committing) a few wrongs along the way. Come to think of it, Green Arrow could work pretty well as a bike-riding dystopian Robin Hood too.

Mario U says:

Cosplay Fuel

Siani Bawn says:

I was hooked from the beginning, but when they explained Harley, I lost it.

Desire says:

i saw catwoman i clicked

Tintim14 says:

Legendas em português

Sakyiori says:

reminds me of ghost rider

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