Golf Trick Shots In New York City

Golf Trick Shots In New York City

This round of city golf is sponsored by Greg Norman for Tasso Elba, found only at Macy’s. We hit the streets of New York City to prove you can GOLF ANYWHERE! 

COMMENT with the city we should golf in next!

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Whistle Sports says:

COMMENT with the city we should golf in next!

Jim Y says:

"he lines up for the shot. he starts his back swing. here comes the down stroke…" BABA BOOEY!!!!"

Frankie Sindone says:

myrtle beach

JCake says:

If I get 50 subs I will yell wuss poppin jim?️o out my window

kylar brock says:

Whistle sports Hamilton

SWBF_PLAYER 789 says:

That was nothing

Diamond Gaming says:

New Orleans in Louisiana or Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

Angel Martinez says:

hey man who was the first one to be the best .

Big Spook says:

Like please 23 let's go

Trent Gaming says:

I thought Garett ran whistle sports, but now im not to sure. Can someone help me?

Damian Hernandez says:

First dislike

Trick Shot Nation says:

Anyone who subs to me I will sub back

Ryder Zeluff says:

Sub to me Ryder zeluff

Ryder Zeluff says:

First comment u guys savages

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