Goal setting for flying and travel in 2018

Goal setting for flying and travel in 2018

What are your flying and travel goals for 2018? I’ve made a few travel and aviation resolutions for 2018 for this YouTube channel which I wanted to share with you in this video.

I’ll be making a few changes to the way I shoot videos, the type of content I share, and how I organise my channel.

Thanks as always for watching, let me know what your travel and flying goals for the year are in the comments below.

Filmed on a Canon EOSM6, various GoPros, and sometimes my iPhone. Audio from Epidemic Sound.



Ethan Oost says:

Hi. Firstly I like your channel. Mostly because it’s local and I can relate to what and where you are. I have to admit the reason I joined is for the aviation content, not so much the travelling.
If I have to guess, I’d say most people on this channel joined for the aviation content. There are too many channels on travelling on YouTube. Most of which make you feel depressed as most people can’t travel as often and have never even seen the inside of a business class cabin or airport lounge. Nobody ever reviews Economy class or which airport benches are the best to try sleep on. Which is the reality for most. So my suggestion is not to neglect the aviation content, because that is what make your channel unique. And all our aviation nerds love it.
My New Years resolution is to finish my instrument rating. Currently studying for the irex exam.

Anton Menkveld says:

Great goals! Fly more, travel more!! I can certainly relate to that. Tomorrow morning I am taking a Piper Cherokee out around Cape Town, South Africa. The flying club is based at Cape Town International Airport, so should be fun taking off on the same runway as A380’s, B777’s etc. Can’t wait! Cape Town must be one of the most spectacular places in the world to fly!

jojicobrien says:

Plans for 2018:
Watch this awesome channel’s videos

TheMentony32 says:

Great channel Stefan. I'm a recently addicted glider pilot, and plan to 'cut the apron strings' and do some more cross country flying. Did my first 50km olut and back a few weeks ago, from GCV at Benalla to just over the Murray River and back'. Great fun.

James BK says:

Awesome stuff Stef! Really looking forward to 2018 on the channel, especially more of the behind the scenes content. You've been a real inspiration to me, and hopefully this year I'll finish my PPL.
All the best to you and happy new year!

dan172 says:

Wow. Lots to look forward to Stef! Happy new year, your attitude is inspiring. Cheers buddy.

Robbo says:

Happy New Year Stef. If you want some ideas on the production and behind the scenes sort of stuff then head over to Casey Neistat's channel. He does his normal vlog (a lot of travel aswell) but also does some seperate behind the scenes videos. I think your videos are great the way they are but there's always something can be changed. Look forward to seeing more great stuff this year.

Nikolas_ James says:

My 2018 flying resolutions are to do well in year 10 whilst also fitting in time to finish my RPL training because I’m almost there and move on to my PPL training

Spiro says:

I'm sure the channel will grow tremendously this year and i look forward to your travels around the globe. I would like to go to Europe, namely Greece but this hasn't been confirmed.

josh cocks says:

Hey stefan, still planning the Uluru flight? definitely check out Coober Pedy on the way, very interesting small town and the only place i've heard explosives going off while doing a pre-flight! My goals for this year are CPL and MECIR , only 3 CPL exams left, yes! have a happy new year!

Jodel Flyer says:

You crammed a lot into the video Stef, sounds like it is going to be a busy year! Love to hear your enthusiasm for things. You know that the old teacher in me means that I always try to post feedback (and make it positive!) 😀 I had a good flying year last year and met the challenge I set myself of uploading a new video every week. I really did appreciate the acknowledgement you gave my channel in your round up of favourite YouTube Flying channels and to show the video also works I have gone straight to my Instagram and started following you! All the very best for 2018 to you and your family.

josh logan says:

Hey Stefan love the videos man. im in Mackay and 80% finished an amphibious kit plane called a searey. cant wait to start flying it around the whitsundays. when its all done we should meet up for sure. i think you would love it!!

PubliusNaso says:

I'm a few hours from my RPC out of YLIL, so get that, go on to my PPL, then… fly!

Shane Fleming says:

Come to Ireland. You are guaranteed to have an amazing time.

Mark Newton says:

Flying plans: IREX in the first half, PIFR before the end of the year.
Travel plans: Will be in San Francisco next month, and probably Zürich before the middle of the year. They’re work trips, though. For fun I think I’d like to stand on the edge of a volcano in Vanuatu.

brad well says:

Have you ever been to China? Or local to Portland

Christopher Hastings says:

Hi Stefan. Great video, as always. My big trip for this year is with Oman Air to London from KL. Then across to Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Geneva, then back to London and home. Hopefully, in March, there won't be too many tourists.

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