Get FEEDBACK On Your Travel Films!

Get FEEDBACK On Your Travel Films!

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Sam Brown says:

Somebody give me feedback on my videos? Much appreciated πŸ™‚

SB media group - alles zum Thema Filme machen says:

Great video as always! All the best from Germany πŸ™‚ Where is the german squad?

Oskar Bouveng says:

Im sending you my video from New Zealand! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good job!

A&J says:

Yep they're amazing!

Rajesh #TravelwithRajesh says:

Many Congrats … Great Video…??

Ed Pal says:

it's good to see this channel is growing πŸ™‚

Joel Bompastor says:

Just sent an e-mail to you, hope you see it and like it, keep up the amazing work pls !!!!!

kharChehre says:

Brilliant idea!!!
I'll send you my vid and I want you to roast me real good ??

Jakub Jansa says:

Thanks for your videos. I really appreciate more practical lessons than theoretical ones. Now I mean THE KEY TO MAKE EPIC TRAVEL VIDEO..Really cool! Overall, this concept is well thought out! I'm only at the beginning, I'm still learning. I'll be glad when some of the people watching this video will be watching my videos with some feedback. Thanks guys.

Lars Ose-Johansen says:

I got my camera yesterday, d5300. Perfect with this!

丁小翰 says:

Really like your videos and really helps me a lot. Can i add Chinese subtitles on them and repost on Chinese video website

DammaRamma says:

35K to go for the first epic milestone, so next month or the mont after that a …………….. that we dont want to miss?!
Feel free to fil in the blank spot yourself πŸ˜‰

keep up that awesome work Matti

Srisharan Chundayil says:

Back with the intro track??

Jorge Perrito says:

Cool idea mate. Sent you through an email

Michal Olender says:

good for you guys, keep up the good work!

Mike S says:

really AWESOME ?

Randolf Reith says:

Lets all learn together ! thats what the e-learning or youtube is all about today!
hope someday i would have the chance to make a collaboration with anyone here. cheers and never stop travelling.

frank desjardins says:

such quality videos your travel vlogs are out of this world thanks for these really enjoyed them. from Canada cheers

Murillo Bernardi says:

I've watched all your videos so far, great tips!
I have a question … do you think that by using only a GoPro you could get high quality travel videos? I find it very hard to take my DSLR, lenses, gimbal, etc and still properly enjoy the trip. Using a GoPro is much more practical, but the footage doesn't look half as good as the ones made on a DSLR.
Thanks again!

Valley Films says:

Great video, so glad to see you channel constantly rising in subscribers and views you've well earned it! I've sent through a video to you email, and really hope that you'll have a chance to review it. It's a fun quick paced adventure week at a pretty cool outdoor pursuits centre in New Zealand.

Keep up the awesome work.

Vegard The NerdyExplorer says:

Awesome Matty! Will definitely send you an email. Congrats on hitting 60k! It's awesome to see the channel grow and the community surrounding it.

Life With Will says:

Wooohoo. So glad your doing this feedback segment!

Sent you the email from Life With Will. Thanks again!

Jack LCP says:

Nice video! I do make travel videos too, but I spoke in Cantonese in some of them, is it ok if I add the English subtitles and send you the link? πŸ™‚

Jakob Faber says:

Keep up the great content! I just am getting into videography and I find this channel a great way to learn and hopefully up my game!

Makro says:

Epic films! Love the content Matti!

TheRoyal_Empire says:

Can wait to get some feed back on my vids,
Emailed you a part 1 of 5 mini series which brings awareness to different mental health disorders among young people & the stigma surrounding it. Hope you could give me some feedback on that..✌️✌️.. Your vids are awesome keep them coming ??

Rex Berger says:

Can you tell me the name of the song that is played in the intro and throughout? Much appreciated, thanks!

My Uncomplicated Life says:

Have just finished three of your videos. The color grading, camera tracking and now this one. Busy purchasing your color grading course I definitely want to improve my stuff. I like what you said about there being no point in competing and everyone helping each other out.

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