Funniest Travel Hack – Saved By A Filipino – Airline Weight Limit Hack

Funniest Travel Hack – Saved By A Filipino – Airline Weight Limit Hack

Funniest Travel Hack – Airline Weight Limit Hack! We figured out the funniest and best travel hack on our last day here in Puerto Princesa. We were saved by a Filipino angel when we couldn’t access our card to get more money and pay for our luggage. We got to try some great Filipino food on our last day and will be back to the Philippines soon but the next stop was Japan.
Ever had a problem with carry on luggage weight timit then check out this travel vlog.

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Above – Johan Glossner
Dancing Til We Get Lost – Frigga
Light From The Sky – Johan Glossner



Travel Beans says:

We will be back in a month guys! Hope you enjoy the Japan and Thailand content coming next before exploring our new favourite country 😀

Meme Oc says:

hey guy's you make me laugh 😂 anyway it's a good tactics. maybe I'm going to follow it someday!!

MissMailer says:

Red Horse is not the choice of beer for most Filipinos, it's San Miguel Beer. Unless your goal is to get drunk fast.

Alexandra Jones says:

Again, Happy New Year dahlings. God bless you both and your whole families. Stay safe ♥♥

Iflip Over says:

I was getting hungrier every minute watching this. Thanks for visiting and enjoying!

Luisa Indiano says:

That was funny to the two of u..but really can't handle that things happened to the two of u. If I were there I can give u guys 50 dollars. Lol. Actually you should try asks some money to the Filipinos for sure they should be kind enough And generous to give u for ur own sake.

Leafs Manboy says:

Omg u guys r leaving. Philippines will miss u!

Noel Pastor says:

Hope u guys coming back on summertime in PH. That would be between March til May..cheers!!

gerard padua says:

Seriously funny travel hack that actually worked. Just subbed. Be back sooner! More places here to explore, all of the 7100+ islands.

J. B. Arches says:

A new subscriber here. It is indeed a funny travel hack but practical solutions to that situations. I love this travel vlog.

Lenny Santos says:

Clever move, why not. Thumbs up for you guys

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