Funko HQ on THWIP! The Big Marvel Show!

Funko HQ on THWIP! The Big Marvel Show!

Come inside the brand new Funko HQ as Lorraine and Ryan give you exclusive access to everything Marvel! It’s time for THWIP! The Big Marvel Show! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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THWIP! The Big Marvel Show is a variety talk show hosted by Lorraine Cink and Ryan Penagos AKA Agent M discussing Marvel’s biggest stories from movies, TV, news, games, and of course comics. Get the inside scoop on all things Marvel from Marvel HQ in New York City. THWIP! will be there to provide all Marvel fans with special guests, games, variety segments, and lots of audience interaction using the hashtag #MarvelTHWIP. The show will be your weekly one-stop shop for all things Marvel and also leave you excited to continue diving deeper into the Marvel Universe!

Producer: Judy Stephens
Director and Editor: Jason Latorre
Host & Writer: Lorraine Cink
Co-Host: Ryan Penagos
Camera: David Davis
Audio: Luke Knecht
Art Direction & Graphics: Laura Kammermann
Executive Producers: John Cerilli, Ryan Penagos & Harry Go

Sponsored by Funko



Δημήτρης Κόκκινος says:

I like funko pop

shubham bhatt says:

marvel is not gonna release infinity war trailer before november 3

Ray Wilson says:

tag a retard marvel/Disney fanboy Tay J !! and Caden

Gazi Nafi says:


xanderps210 says:

Where's my Wasp funko? #MarvelTHWIP

And I probably would buy a Loraine and Ryan funko pack.

Zuzana Suchá says:

I love Lorraine's dress😍😍 (…and Marvel)

Marvellites gaming says:

Funko moon knight!!!!

The Once-lee says:

Unoriginal cringe comment

now give me likes

Astronaut BrickStudios says:

Fans: "Infinity War trailer please!"
Marvel: " lol nope how bout this "

Alessandro Gormito says:

When can i buy thor's funko? (I m from Italy)

criptor 51 says:


Isai Nunez says:

Give stan lee a thwipy award

Dyskhord says:

These two are extremely disingenuous.

supersonicgamer Rio says:

Marvel sorry if this insults you but I hate gambit and physlocke

supersonicgamer Rio says:

Now I wonder why the x-men aren't here? Are they mutast?

IncanTV says:

Lorraine killed Ryan with a bad humor! I want a Lorraine and Ryan Funko POP, too!!

Cake# says:

That intro…dear god.

Conal Doolan says:

I don't why I clicked on this video because I'm only subscribed for movie trailers.

Joel G says:

I loved finding Ant man on the top of the roof with the pigeons!!!

Cameron Tierney says:

Is the HQ just Marvel? Or do they have others there too? (cough) Stranger Things (cough)

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