Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Comic-Con 2017 Sneak Peek

Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Comic-Con 2017 Sneak Peek

Catching the Comic-Con crowd by surprise, producers of FREEDOM FIGHTERS: THE RAY unveiled the first look at footage from CW Seed’s newest, animated DC Super Hero series, the first Super Hero show to feature a gay character in a title role. The reel was full of familiar faces, including evil alternate versions of Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, as they battled title character Ray “The Ray” Terrill and his team of heroes.

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Dyllan Rodriguez says:

This looks like a dope concept I'm down. Also, what happened to vixen on arrow?

NightHunter says:

looks a bit shitty

Jaceon osbon says:

The Ray looks… a LOT like the Guardian.

Ricardo Hernandez says:

is this going to be a show or movie anyone plz

MineLanderProductions says:

As cool as this is, I really want to see the Ray in the mainstream CW universe. Please?

KAMEN RIDER555 says:

So is it only going to be arrowverse characters as Nazis that should be interesting

Meownimator Red says:

this is awesome! are my ears hallucinating or is that stephen amell voicing arrow

devilpupbear09 says:

cut off one head, two more shall take its place!

akif akif says:

Keep doing make jobs like this everyone wants to see

Josh Yord says:

G'day DC, it's ya mates down unda here. We're just wondering how we'd be able to watch these animated shows outside of the US. If you could suggest anything that'd be much appreciated.

Legit tuber1414 says:

I like this idea getting movies on the DC multiverse

BEN Tsay says:

Arrows accent though

Jamar Mitchell says:

Why the guy that was flying look a lil like nova from marvel comics? Cool trailor though

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