Former MLB Pitcher Esteban Loaiza Arrested With Over 20 KG Of Drugs | SI Wire | Sports Illustrated

Former MLB Pitcher Esteban Loaiza Arrested With Over 20 KG Of Drugs | SI Wire | Sports Illustrated

Former MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza was arrested last week in San Diego and faces several felony drug charges, according to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.
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Former MLB Pitcher Esteban Loaiza Arrested With Over 20 KG Of Drugs | SI Wire | Sports Illustrated



Maggie Garza says:

Karma just bite him in the ass ! 😂

A J says:

Godda feel the family

Rabinowitz Shekelstein says:

Spic, Spic,
Brown and slick,
Sucks us dry just like a tick…
Crossed the border without a cent,
Now Gringos buy his food and rent.
Won't learn to read yet has the balls,
To scrawl graffiti on our walls…
Prays to God both day and night,
But still steals everything in sight.
His smelly wife so squat and dear,
Will spit out babies twice a year…
Upon her loins a duty hangs,
To swell the ranks of local gangs.
A trashy race,
A tacky culture,
Save what you can from this bean eating vulture.

Ronnie Hall says:

Somebody give me a $ amount. Thats like 50 lbs of dope.
Damn El Chapo.😳

I AM ALIVE !!!!! says:

Deport him to hell

Samsun O.O says:

LoL only 20k for bail (10%)

Crazy Nature says:

Hold on. . . He's made $40 million in his career, had 20 fucking kilos of drugs, and they set bail at $200k?

This dude probably just rode past the jail otw home.

My broke ass would have had my bail set at like a million dollars or some shit. Lol

BIG A says:


Mitch Huckabee says:

He killed his wife the singer, she knew about his business.

nazi SCUMosi says:

Ohhhh, how nice. More messycan contributions to America. Filthy mother fuckin wets

Lorne Jim says:

Kill his sorry ass for bringing that poison over here😠

L Lawliet says:

Damn, My boi Still Trappin since he retired ahaha, And these comments, People acting like NBA & NFL players don't be doing the same thing outside of the sport lol
Can't fully Blame Him for America's and Americans appetite for drugs in this country…..

keith g w says:

All his MLB accomplishment are thrown to the way side for a prison cell what a dumb shit

thesexybexy08 says:

He paid that $200k off w a quickness if he has drug ties. 💀

sky luna says:

He has no money?

B!tchSlapper says:

See…Mexico will pay for the wall…one way or another. 😂

Salvatore James says:

20mg is nothing. Why do they always say it in the most inflammatory way. I swear… This is why the media is shady as fuck

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