Former EXO Member Tao Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment!

Former EXO Member Tao Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment!

Former EXO Member Tao Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment!
On April 28, the Seoul Central District Court stated that it had ruled against former EXO member Tao in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.
Tao filed a lawsuit against his former agency over issues regarding the duration of his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, distribution of profit, discrimination, and more.
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Karina Aletheia says:

may i ask. why he left exo? how about luhan? kris? im new exo-l

Akunna N says:

Of course this shit happened on my birthday.

Murasa Aoi says:

I'm not an exo fan but that doesn't mean I won't support them and i feel really bad for tao I heard that SM abused him can someone tell me what exactly happened?

TaeDawn's Puppet says:

Ahhh I feel for Tao. I'm a fan of Tao (but only solo Tao) and I think he knew what he was getting into with SM but it's still kinda sad.

Jhoana Villanueva says:

does SM pay you well huh?! ?

Jhoana Villanueva says:

i know it hurts and i still want the three of them back in EXO

but the thing is
please let them go
let them have their freedom

we love Tao and the others so much that it fucking hurts seeing them in a rough situation

again fuck u sm

you still aren't updating us about Jaemin

just please let them go???

Redeemed Stone says:

Setting a dangerous precedent further allowing some companies to lock their talent into ironclad contracts.
Should have hooked Tao up with JYJs legal team.

Camille Yoka says:

They can freaking let him go and let him do his activies solo… SM is abusing, he doesn't deserve that!!!! now he'll not be able to do anything until 2022?! I hope he'll find a way, his songs are really good

Naps Gold says:

Tao contributed a lot to EXO, like it or not he was apart of their history and a reason EXO is where they are now and SM. You would think a company as big and with as much money as SM they would do just this one thing that'd make his life so much easier after everything that's happened put a nice clean end to it all and let him leave in peace.

Vanessa Bader says:

Why can't they just leave Tao alone.. like srsly SM annoys me so hard

They'remyreligionsolshallcallthem_THEMSUS says:

I'm sorry but can someone willing please explain this. I know he left EXO but what's this thing about lawsuits and money and. SM?

Nam Balloon says:

So if anyone is wondering, since Tao lost, he has to stay being an artist for SM until his contract expires which is in 2022. And as for Luhan and Kris, they didn't necessarily win over SM they kind of settled I guess and now SM can take a percentage of the money they earn.

Shierra Zantua says:

Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum

Akshita Jain says:

Bet now he has to give a…….. ssshhhitt.


Will Tao have to go back in Exo?

Yehet Ohorat says:


Rosie Webster says:

I just hope this outcome doesn't hurt Tao too much. I'd really like to know the real reason why Tao left which he said he'd tell us once "I win the lawsuit" said Tao in an interview. Stay strong our amazing Tao ?

Moe Myint Bon says:

sad for you

emrv says:

I am seriously so upset! In my opinion Tao's was one of the worst of the three. He was forced to film to call me baby mv when his legs were extremely hurt, his bone even fell off. That on it's own should have impacted the decision. SM is so sick I am furious you have no idea.


what i heard is that SM will make him back to EXO bc if he is not, he needs to pay Million dollars to SM, but im not that sure about that! and also about what i heard SM blocked all his schedule in China. It's so sad but i'll be glab if he is back but also with good treatment and fairness from SM.

selena azalea says:

I love all idol under sm
But i hate manajement in sm ent.
Poor tao????

Black Widow says:

What does it mean when you lose a lawsuit like this? Does that mean, he's still going to work for SM? I am confused.

Xyrel Bonganciso says:

So what is gonna happen? Is he gonna come back to EXO or be a solo SME idol?

Jongin Kim says:

so he'll be controlled by sm ent now? or he have to pay?

Bosan Giler says:

Im.sure the contract was as thick as a dictionary.. he wasn't be able to read each line and understand all the T&C when he signed the contract….definitely a loss for him coz SM still gonna make profit out of him.. for us, we can make assumption and such.. but there must be a very solid reason for him to leave SM. I m sure he knows the consequences of the lawsuit esp if u r against big company like SM..He definitely not going to join EXO back coz he is doing great in China and hope he is living the life that he wanted . Just be happy Tao..

Bebe says:

sm spent years and a lot of money to train idols and form a group like exo, they won't easily let him go, Tao needs to pay his part for breaching the contract

Antonia Laviolette says:

SM really only builds singers then later on ends up having legal battles with there singers

sofia says:

hmm fucking SM

Kasual Kez says:

Just let him be.

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