Florida Gators: 2016-17 All-Sports Highlight Video

Florida Gators: 2016-17 All-Sports Highlight Video

Some of the biggest moments from the 2016-2017 Florida Gators Athletic Season!

Song Used: Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons



MC799 Videos says:

77 likes no dislikes not bad

Angela Boling says:

Love the video!

Robert Wright says:

Why are there Women's basketball highlights in this video? That program is the worst on campus, and have been for quite some time.

PercyYT says:


Morgan Dellinger says:

How are we so good at everything?

The Simple Life says:

So proud of yall !!!

David Campbell says:

I wonder if will beet fsu

Rod Gossett says:

Florida better win in all sports they have no excuse like a lot of schools, finance, alumni, facilities warm weather and the greatest fans nationwide. GATORS!

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