FLASHBACK: The Evolution of Miley Cyrus From ‘Hannah Montana’ to ‘Malibu’

FLASHBACK: The Evolution of Miley Cyrus From ‘Hannah Montana’ to ‘Malibu’

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ET digs into the vault for vintage footage of baby Miley at home in Tennessee.



Sultan H says:

I liked all of her phases and I'm loving the present

Diamoniique TheBeautiful Chicka says:

All of a sudden she's this "great role model" now that she's not acting ratchet. When she was wilding out her fans said she was a horrible role model

Deepak Rawal says:

Her voice changes from a girl to a man ???

nicole nance says:

her song Malibu is seriously one of her lamest songs.

zazoo wine says:

gotta hand it to americans.. make an average girl with annoying talk and horrible voice and bad veneers to this famous rebel

Artistically Inclined says:

Luckily for me I'm not like these fakes and have always been fan of all sides of her?

Näh mit says:

Song at 2:06? Pls

Edwin Jommy Quezada says:

you know what! I love miley, I am wistrom 7 and I would like you to give me a kiss and a hug you are my most real dream. I love you . I am from Colombia I would like you to come to love you until the end … then we will see and teach you something beyond human life ok. Many kisses mami .. my cel: 3008803046

mar gem06 says:

she is so fucking amazing

Jazzy Glo girl says:

What about the Miley and her dead petz album era?

axeblue says:

miley is turning humble pretty quickly

Carlos Nunez says:

Yall dissing her back then and now your defending her. What? lol. This is why aliens won't visit us.

Omar Arevalo says:

For me she's a great role model in the way that she is not fake and always wants to be who she is and help who she can with what's she's got never sacrificing her integrity. One of the few celebrities who say "be yourself" and sticks to it themselves

Omar Arevalo says:

She truly i

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