Who else did Aaron Hernandez Kill? Where is Jimmy Hoffa’s body? When will the Browns win more than 8 games? These are TRULY the unsolved mysteries in sports. Can we get 10000000 likes?

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Alexander Deschenes says:

Love your videos man but, (patriots fan here) you need to learn a little more about spygate. Filming teams walkthroughs and what not is completely ok. Mangina told Goodell about it and he said don't film from a certain location, which was bull shit because there is no rule against it. Bill being Bill said fuck you and did it anyways. Why do you think no one ever saw them? Cause there was nothing illegal about it.

Jasmin Crumbley says:

Damn right Franko Harris caught that pass and if he didn't doesn't fucking matter now #steelernation

Joseph Adkisson says:

Jordan was hungover

Richard Rivera says:

It was not a catch

3Dsjk says:

There's a story that, while debating the Immaculate Reception, the head referee went into the dugout on the sideline at Three Rivers Stadium, called the head of stadium security and asked how many police officers were available to escort them from the stadium. When he was told they only had six officers available, the referee went back to the field and announced that it was a touchdown.

MrDman21 says:

Unsolved mystery, what happened to the Falcons running game?

kenneth1803 says:

Super Bowl 51 was rigged

Daniel Martin says:

The missing hockey puck when Patrick Kane scored in overtime to win the Stanley cup

Brad Gebhardt says:

Love this channel. I've watched them all. Funny, factual and informative. Great from random locker room facts

edp's beast ass corner says:

you not getting 10,000,000 likes

Jrbr 549 says:

Could someone give me a link that shows those 2 news guys @ 1:12?

luxury _ baller says:

on the MJ flu game part, people say that MJ ordered a pizza that was delivered by 4 or 5 guys so it could of been food poisoning by the pizza

TH2Hockey agt says:

YOUR 40 Wow thought u were like 20

Adam Gross says:

Do a video on what if there were no assists in the nhl or nba how many goals or baskets would have been scored

TyBeTrollinTM says:

0:40….i subbed immediately after this…???

JT PattWest says:

the real mystery is why didn't settle just run on the 2 yrd line

Evostud9 says:

U should have more subs u probably the best sport channel

Guilherme Branco says:

Here in Portugal our unsolved mystery is whether soccer teams' sorcerers need to be present in matches for their rituals to have effect
True story!

brachio1000 says:

What became of John Brisker?

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