Ferry from Split to Hvar, Croatia travel vlog

Ferry from Split to Hvar, Croatia travel vlog

Join us for a ferry from Split to Hvar, Croatia in this travel vlog where we start off the day in Zadar taking a scenic bus ride to Split. With time to kill in Split we grab a Kebab and then wait at the ferry terminal taking advantage of the free wifi. I take a walk around Split filming a little bit while Audrey gets caught up on work. Finally it is time to board the ferry and travel from Split to Hvar Island. Witnessing a gorgeous sunset in Split it doesn’t take long for it to get dark outside when we arrive in Hvar. After dropping of our bags at rental apartment we then go out for pizza. A long but satisfying travel day!

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Ferry from Split to Hvar, Croatia travel vlog Video Transcript:

Well good morning good morning. Good morning guys. Today is a travel day and we’re actually it sure is running a little bit late. So let’s make this look down at my shoe at the moment. Like I am tying my shoes and we’re running out the door. We really don’t have a second to spare. Haha. Okay, so basically we’re currently in Zadar. Today we’re taking the bus to Split and then the ferry to Hvar. We’ve got a bit of a long connection so that will be great. Maybe we’ll do some sightseeing, maybe we’ll get some work done but now let’s do a quick apartment tour and let’s get out of here. Let’s do it.

The update is we have arrived here in Split. Yes. And guess what? The bus terminal is right across from the ferry terminal. It couldn’t have been any more conveniently located. Yeah. And we weren’t sure which bus terminal we were going to get dropped off at because there are two and one of them would have involved a 20 minute walk. Yes. But we are right out on the water. Yep. It is just incredible. And that bus ride that was something spectacular. Like the scenery was just stunning the whole way. It almost felt like we were on a sightseeing trip as opposed to like a normal bus ride. I just couldn’t put my camera down so. Yeah, you were filming the whole way.

We’ve found a little quiet corner here in the ferry terminal. And Sam is making me do math. Yes. So let’s talk prices. Bus tickets, we booked them online with Get By Bus and it was 86 Kuna per person which was about 13 US dollars. Yeah, and that was coming from Zadar this morning. Yep. Yeah, Zadar to Split. And then the ferry also booked it online with Jadrolinija and it was 40 Kuna per person which we said was 6 dollars? A little over 6 dollars. Yeah, yeah. So that is pretty good. And something to keep in mind is the bus was what 3.5 hours?

I had my little jaunt around Split. It was wonderful. Like this city is awesome. And you’re probably wondering like this is a pretty famous city in Croatia. Yeah, why are we skipping it right now Sam? Why are we skipping it?

The reason being is that we’re going to come here next year with my parents. Yes. So in March. We’re doing Split and Dubrovnik with them. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. So we’re skipping it this time and going to Hvar instead. But uh it certainly looks beautiful and yeah I can’t wait to actually properly explore here. Okay, and now time to go find our ferry.

We’ve arrived! Now it is time to go find our apartment and then go out for dinner to find some pizza and pasta.

Okay guys we picked up some groceries on the way back. Yeah. We are absolutely destroyed. Knackered. Knackered to the next level. So we’re going to say goodbye to you from here and yeah thanks for following along on this journey and we can’t wait to show you around Hvar. Bye.

This is part of our Travel in Croatia video series showcasing Croatian food, Croatian culture and Croatian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of ‘Lakey Inspired’ from (SoundCloud.com).



Aimee Zara says:

I have probably watched every video you guys made and this is my fave. First of all, your cute and playful personalities shines through, I can tell you really love Croatia (enough to bring your parents back)! You also show the realities and excitement of travels where you just don't know which bus station you'll arrive in and the twists of the roads and hills getting to your air bnb. Also, being happy and exhausted at the same time. It's raw and so well edited, and that's an art! Thank you Sam and Audrey for sharing with all of us your travels!

Australian v.s Taiwanese water says:

Are you kidding us, you gotta show your pizza, haha.

Tom Pitt says:

fantastic video as usual

Dana D says:

Did I sense 3% tension on such a long day? As always, I loved the video!

asi hablo zaratustra says:

muy buen video…Sigan así…Saludos desde Argentina calculo que llegaran a Rusia para el mundial.

Anna Mcarthur says:

Make sure on your return visit that you travel between Split and Dubrovnik by bus (or car). The trip is amazing. Better than the French Riviera in my opinion. A big surprise to us. Happy Christmas.

ColbyCheeser says:

Love the house! When are you going to have me over???? I'll bring my boy J Hope?

Nelson W. says:

Merry Christmas guys. Very nice blog.

vgshwk says:

Another great video but!! I noticed you used the word chips instead of fries. Do you notice say the differences between Canadians and USA and uk?

Zee Yacob says:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018, sam & audrey❤

marius smerea says:

Thank you guys! !!!!!!!!

Stan Kormy says:

Time to shave Samuel!

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